This Mom's Viral Post About Loving Her Granny Panties Will Make You Proud To Wear Yours

There was a time in my life when I took great pride in my silky underpinnings. I favored vintage-style tap silk underwear, if you can believe it, and even owned a garter belt or two. Try not to die of laughter. This was obviously pre-children, and since then my underwear drawer has become somewhat less colorful. The lovely underthings are still there, but I think they're just for show. Because these days, the granny panties get more play than anything else. And this mom's viral post about loving her granny panties reminded me that it's OK to just embrace them and accept the body that its elastic waistband is working overtime to contain. Because that body went through a whole lot to get here. And I'm pretty sure the silky panties were largely to blame for the pregnancies that created the body I'm owning presently, so they're being benched for now.

Adrian Wood, the mom blogger behind the ever-brilliant Tales of an Educated Debutante, took to her Facebook page to write a heartfelt letter to the "Girl In The Giant Underpants" on Saturday. She wrote:

You are awesome. You’ve pushed your body to the limit- swimming, roller skating, sports, gymnastics. Never the very best, but you ran hard and you showed up. Life’s a bit different these days, isn’t it? You still run hard, but wonder, who has time to exercise? You show up so many places, forget a few, and you think to yourself- how does she look so good? Maybe life’s not so different after all.

Wood went on to write:

You are wonderful and amazing and you rock those giant underpants. I mean, you’ve earned wearing them. It’s not just that you’re over 40. Nope, you’ve given birth three times and number four was a c-section. Your body never has bounced back after that, though honestly, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than a smushy tummy. You are more than that bit of pudge. You are more than those giant underpants. You are a mama and a warrior and you are present, soaking in the moments rather than wishing them away. I know you’re tired, so let yourself rest a while.

Wood is right, of course; the last thing a mom wants to worry about when she's trying to raise kids and manage a whopping pile of schedules and needs is whether or not she's wearing her sexy undies. I mean, every once in a while some of us like to break out the goods to feel great, and that's fabulous. But beating yourself up because your body has changed and yes, you've become a wearer of granny panties? Let's not go down that road, right?

Wood closed out her letter with a reminder that those giant under garments do not define a person:

Be the best mama you can be and if it’s running every day, then go for it. If it’s coffee with cream and sugar, live it up. If it’s climbing the jungle gym, chasing geese and ice cream on the way home, own it. You are enough. You are more than enough. Those giant underpants don’t define you.

This love letter to granny panties has struck a chord in other moms, who took to Wood's page to thank her for making them feel better about their bodies. "Giant underpants make you unstoppable!" one reader commented. Another wrote, "As a new mom I'm having an especially rough day with accepting the new body I have. This definitely made me smile. Thank you!"

The moral of the story? You do you, however that needs to happen. If you're someone who loves their sexy underwear, more power to you. If you have fully embraced the high-level stretch and elastic waistband of the granny panties, that's all good, too. Because you don't have to be anyone else other than yourself. There are already plenty of other people in the world, and as Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

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