This Mom's Rant About Putting Up Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving Is So Spot-On

So I'm a Canadian. Our Thanksgiving happens in October, before Halloween. Which means I am in full-on Christmas mode now, and it's totally allowed. But I do understand it works very differently in America. You're in your Thanksgiving/Black Friday mode, and it's a big deal. Because every holiday must have its time, and a pause should be taken to enjoy each season accordingly, probably. So I totally understood this mom's viral video about putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Honestly, give a girl a minute to eat her turkey and stuffing here.

Heather Land, the feisty genius behind the Facebook page I Ain't Doin It, has become an internet sensation with her viral videos calling out nonsense in the most *unique* way possible. She has over 2 million followers, and rightly so. According to her blog,, the woman behind the video is:

Forty-one years old. Two babies. Love life. Love the journey. Love Jesus. Love my family. Love my friends. Love ministry. Love to travel. Hate humidity. Love to laugh. Love to shop. Wrote songs. Made an album. Went through a divorce. Moved back to hometown after twenty years. (Ouch. That last one, tho.)

Land loves a good rant, and her latest about those people who put up their Christmas decorations before the first turkey leg has been eaten is striking a chord with people who just want to have their damn Thanksgiving in peace.

In the video, Land calls out some unseen neighbor, who she not-so-lovingly refers to as "Clark Griswold," Chevy Chase' iconic Christmas-loving character from Christmas Vacation who blows up the city's power grid with his over-the-top Christmas decorations. Land says:

Listen here, now. I'm all about some Christmas spirit, ok? But don't you think you're jumping the gun there just a little bit, Clark Griswold? I mean it ain't even Thanksgiving yet and your house is lit up over here like a dad-gum carnival ride.

Filled with righteous and hilarious indignation, she does give this Griswold a little bit of (sardonically-delivered) credit:

I mean, I do love how you gave a little nod to Thanksgiving by replacing the three wise men with pilgrims and Indians... that was a nice touch. Love how you traded out the gold, frankincense and myrrh for cranberry sauce, cornucopias, and pumpkin spice lattes. Well done.

I wish I knew where this person's house was... I'm desperate to see it.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret; Land did not love this display. At all. In fact, she told this Griswold that she would "rather see Cousin Eddie empty his septic tank onto your lawn than look at your Christmas lights before Thanksgiving."

Ouch. Roasted.

The whole idea of putting up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving wasn't the only issue grinding Land's gears this holiday season; she also isn't really here for the tradition of Black Friday. Apparently, she defines Black Friday as the day:

When somebody loses their mind and their dignity on the same day.

Land points out that some people are rushing through their Thanksgiving dinner just to hit the Black Friday sales and sort of missing the whole point, as it were. She notes in the video:

I made need a new set of wooden spoons and some yoga pants, but I don't need 'em that bad.

I totally agree. Sales are great, but there's literally no sale so great as to take me away from my turkey and stuffing early. So this year, maybe just eat your food, decorate your house for Thanksgiving stuff and hold on to your Christmas lights until after the holiday.

Words of wisdom from another woman who just "ain't doin' it."

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