A Leakproof Nursing Bra Now Exists, & You Probs Know A Lot Of Moms Who Could Really Use It

When you're a nursing mom, you have to contend with a lot of issues you never, ever could have imagined before having a baby. I can vividly remember the losing battle I had with a hands-free pumping bra and don't get me started on the embarrassing leaks that always seemed to happen at the most inopportune times. Then there were the unruly breast pads, which never stayed put in my bra but did have an uncanny ability to stick to my shoe. But breastfeeding mothers, take heart, there's a new leakproof nursing bra from Nooni's that just may be the answer to our collective prayers.

One genius mom had the idea to create an absorbent bra that effectively puts an end to those seriously inconvenient, uncomfortable nighttime leaks. Enter NOONI's nursing apparel. The bra's leak-resistant construction wicks away, absorbs, and prevents breast milk from leaking through. You can straight-up throw those nursing pads away too, because this bra works on it's own — there's no need to tuck in any pads. The comfy pullover bra, priced at $50, is made from super soft fleece which feels like a little pillow on tender nipples, and unlike cotton, it stays warm even when wet. Plus, like any good nursing bra should, it provides easy boob access.

The bra was born out of a very real need. After the birth of her son, Lauren Hinnershitz, aka Nooni, found herself waking up wet night after night. "I invented NOONI’S out of desperate need for a product that would help me rest easier between evening feedings. Like many new moms, I leaked for months, especially overnight. Tired of waking up to stained pajamas, wet bed sheets, and wrestling to keep my nursing pads in place, I knew there had to be a better solution," explains Hinnershitz.

When I first head about NOONI's, I knew it was a total game-changer for moms, but I'm not going to lie, I did have some logistical questions. Would I be walking around smelling like a sour milk bomb? How often would I have to wash the thing? It turns out that caring for the bra is actually pretty simple. When you leak, the fabric absorbs it, up until a certain inevitable saturation point, at which point you'll need to change out of it and wash it.

"For optimum skin health, and to avoid possible over-saturation, we recommend that you replace and wash your NOONI’S bra as soon as you notice it is wet. At first this may seem like an inconvenience, but when you consider the laundry you are saving from not leaking onto your shirt or bed sheets, it’s actually a much more convenient solution to simply swap into a new NOONI’S bra when your baby wakes you, or if it's time to pump," explains Emily Gerbracht, a rep for NOONI's.

The idea of not having to deal with a mountain of bed sheet and towel laundry every day is worth it's weight in gold.

While NOONI'S nursing apparel was designed for nighttime wear, it can certainly be worn during the day to give you the added peace of mind of not, say, leaking during a big work presentation. I personally always hated that my backup disposable nursing pads were always floating around in my bag, and would get whipped out while I hunted for my keys or pulled out my laptop. Nothing is more awkward than having to tuck a nursing pad away while chatting with coworker.

Plus, the NOONI's bra seems way more effective than any of those flimsy nursing pads. During their trial-and-error period, they enlisted breastfeeding moms who were “swimming in breast milk” to test them out, and the response so far has been positive, Gerbracht says.

So if you're in the market for a more streamlined way to address your excess milk flow, this bra may be worth your while.