Guess Which Character Finally Gets Pants In This 'Toy Story 4' Teaser

There are few Disney franchises my sons and I loved as much as Toy Story. To this day, the adventures of Woody, Buzz, and the gang never cease to bring us together no matter how fraught things might get in our family. And guys, they can get pretty fraught, so I'm telling you that this is saying something important. I think that's what's special about Toy Story... there's something that's just so sweet and magical about it, no one can resist. This new Toy Story 4 teaser has me convinced that the crew is not only ready for the next chapter, but one character in particular has really come into her own. Especially after missing from the series for two full decades.

We all remember the first Toy Story film by Disney/Pixar that was released in 1995, I'm sure. It was the story of Woody, the preferred toy of young Andy, who came to life along with the other toys whenever Andy wasn't around. Woody was the favorite, that is, until Buzz Lightyear came on the scene and sort of ruined things for him. But while these two guy toys were working through their problems, someone was forgotten... a sweet little lady called Bo Peep, who had a bit of a crush on Woody (pickings were slim in Andy's toy box, no offense to Woody, but he really wasn't paying enough attention to her, in my opinion).

At the time, Bo Peep was dressed up like... well, little Bo Peep who lost her sheep — big hoop skirt and hat and staff for the sheep and everything. The last time fans saw her was in brief cameos in Toy Story 2, as she didn't make the cut for Toy Story 3. It looks to be a different story for the newest movie. Because 20 years have gone by and it seems as though Bo Peep is getting an update, at least, according to the latest Toy Story 4 teaser trailer. She still has the staff... but she also has a little more sass to go along with that staff.

That's right guys, she's wearing a jumpsuit. And fans were immediately excited to learn on Tuesday that Bo Peep would be back when the movie is expected to be released for summer 2019. Back with a vengeance.

The Toy Story 4 teaser trailer announcing Bo Peep's welcome return is the latest in a series of sneak peeks aimed to keep fans' appetites whetted for the big event. In the past few months, trailers introducing new characters like Forky, who is made out of pipe cleaners and plastic cutlery, per the New York Times, as well as two stuffed toys voiced by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, have been getting millions of views on YouTube. And with good reason.

Bo Peep isn't the only character to return, of course. There's Buzz and Woody (obviously), Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Jesse, Rex, Slinky. and Hamm. But from the looks of things, Bo Peep is the only one who is getting a new look.

Maybe because hoop skirts are uncomfortable, even for a toy doll.