Frozen 2 Olaf-shaped slushy treat maker for shaved ice

Olaf Slushy Maker Turns Ice & Juice Into Frozen Treats In No Time

If you thought that slushies were just a summer staple, think again — the eagerly anticipated Disney movie Frozen 2 comes out on November 22. Mini Elsa's and Anna's everywhere are looking for a way to celebrate, so brace yourself for the brrr when you and your child make a slushy together with the Disney Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker.

Already, there’s an onslaught of Frozen 2 toys hitting the shelves that your little princess is going to desperately want. But for the first time in forever, she’ll be able to make her own frozen potion. The Disney Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker by Cra-Z-Art ($23) has everything your child will need to design a deliciously icy drink.

The unit features an Olaf-shaped contraption serving as the official ice shaver. The kit comes complete with two slushy cups, a spoon, three ice cube mold trays, and a shaving cup. All you need to do is add some cubes to Olaf’s head, and use the crank to grind it into shaved ice.

Truly, there’s nothing abominable about this adorable snowman, who will once again most likely steal the show in Frozen 2. But while the toy has an endearing design (the turrets even have sweet little flying flags), you know that the younger set is going to get a good laugh when they realize that it looks like Olaf is, um, pooping out the shaved ice. (Or am I the only one seeing this?)

On either side of Olaf are two castle turrets, most likely inspired by Anna and Elsa’s castle in Arendelle. Remove the turrets and add the juice of your choice for some fab flavors. Then, press the shield to release the juice onto the shaved ice, and voila — treats for everyone. The toy has two drink holder dispensers for juice so that you can choose one flavor or mix them together for a sensational slushie.

What’s cool (ha) is that you aren’t stuck purchasing specific syrups that can only be used with the unit. Nope, you can flavor your slushies with anything you’d like, whether it’s some good ol’ OJ or apple juice. By using whatever you have on hand, you can ensure that the slushies aren’t too sugary sweet. Not to mention that if your kid is picky, introducing a new fruit in this way just might win them over. Bonus points if you add in some veggie juice, like carrots. Hey, tell your kid it’s for Sven, the reindeer.

The toy is for ages 6 and up, but you can easily do this DIY food craft with younger kids — supervised, of course. Sometimes kids’ crafts can get complicated, but that’s the beauty of this item. You don’t have to go out and get any additional parts; you can just take it out of the box, give it a wash, and start your own slushy adventure.

Sure, some treats are seasonal, but prepare for a flurry of frozen drinks year-round when you get the Disney Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker — it's like to be as evergreen to your child as "Let It Go." And while it might make you shiver just thinking about frozen goodies in November, nothing will warm your heart more than having a little bonding time with your favorite Frozen 2 fan.