This Paper Source Hand Sanitizer Ornament Is The Only Decoration My Tree Needs

As this wild year comes to a close, I plan to go all out celebrating the holiday season. At this point, there is no reason not to squeeze every last drop of joy from the last months of the year. And speaking of squeezing last drops, this hand sanitizer ornament from Paper Source is exactly the sort of decoration that can salvage some sense of happiness from 2020.

Yes, this 3.5-inch glass ornament shaped like a bottle of hand sanitizer can indeed bring you some holiday cheer. It retails for $15 and instead of holding at least 60% alcohol-based sanitizer, the bottle is filled with sparkling silver glitter. Not only is the ornament itself equal parts adorable and hilarious, but a bottle filled with tiny flakes of glitter is 1000% better than sanitizer itself because it won't dry your hands out. It may not wash away everything that has happened this year, but at least it doesn't smell like cheap tequila.

To commemorate all of the 24/7 hand-washing, toilet paper hoarding, and cracked skin from using buckets full of hand sanitizer, maybe a pandemic-themed tree sporting this ornament should be on the agenda this year. I feel like there also needs to be a companion bottle of lotion ornament filled with gold glitter though to represent the many, many times I've followed my hand hygiene routine with copious amounts of moisturizer.

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Perhaps instead of sparkly garland or stringed popcorn, I'll trim my tree with toilet paper this year. If this sounds wasteful to you, I totally get it — there's still a bit of a shortage, right? However, I happen to have a husband who was one of those people that stocked up in late spring. (I'm really sorry, y'all. Really.) Plus, I have an artificial tree so it's not like the TP will be dirty and we can always use it after the holidays once the tree comes down.

Oh, and you can't forget the masks. I'm going to swap out my normal ornaments for face masks and hang from the tree limbs by the ear loops. Those elastic bands may pull relentlessly on my ears, but they will make the perfect addition to a COVID-19 themed holiday tree. Top it all off with a surgical glove blown up like a balloon on top instead of the traditional star, and you're looking at a 2020 masterpiece.

Possibly the most accurate representation of these trying times, this hand sanitizer ornament can not only help you celebrate the end of this unprecedented year, but it can also help you remember the struggles of 2020 for many years to come. Not that you would forget anytime soon how hard this year was, but since the holidays are typically a time to reminisce and give thanks, having a sparkly reminder to place on your tree year after year just makes sense.

While actual hand sanitizer is still a hot commodity, so is this little ornament celebrating all that the world been through this year. It's currently out of stock on the Paper Source website, but fingers crossed a re-stock will happen faster than toilet paper flying off store shelves in mid-March.