personalized best friend mug

You Can Personalize This Best Friends Mug With Custom Illustrations Of You & Your Besties

Whether you’ve called her your best friend for a year or 20, there are few things so great as having a tight pal you can call on for anything. And if you're fortunate to have a BFF, it's important to show them how much you appreciate everything they do, maybe by sending along a super cute and thoughtful keepsake like this personalized best friends mug.

Personally, I’ve had my bestie since sixth grade when we bonded over a conversation about the horrors of trying on tween jeans while sitting on the bench during basketball practice. Over two decades later and 3,000 miles apart, we're still as close as Blanche and Rose from the Golden Girls. And like any pair of close friends, we work well together because we’re so different. For instance, I forget every important holiday and she remembers my birthday, my son’s birthday, my husband’s birthday... she probably sends an HBD card to my mother-in-law. Which is why I need to immediately buy and send her this bestie mug, to make up for all of her important dates that I’ve missed.

This personalized coffee mug is seriously the perfect gift for your ride or die. First off, you can choose from 22 different captions ranging from the seriously sweet ("My best friend may not be my sister by blood, but she’s my sister by heart") to the tongue-in-cheek ("I’m pretty sure we’re more than best friends. We’re like a really small gang").


And, if you’re not a one friend kind of gal, you can include up to five friends on the mug (personalized for name, skin color and hair color/style). You might think adding buddies would up the price, but that’s not the case. Each mug sells for $24, a relatively affordable sum given the fact that this future cup-o-giddy-up will be customized for just you and your pardner(s).

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Now each time your #bestfriend4life takes her first live-giving sip of coffee in the morning, she’ll think of you and remember the gal who’s always got her back.