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OMG, This Shower Curtain Lets You Combine Screen Time *With* Bath Time

Here's the thing about bath time at my house: it takes me 20 minutes to convince my 4-year-old that a bath is a good idea, and then it takes me an additional 15 to keep her in the tub so I can actually wash her hair — it's the worst. I already have to brush/braid her hair in front of the TV to distract her, but the bath offers no out — until now. If, like me, you could use some help from Peppa Pig in the tub, maybe your family needs this pocket shower curtain.

Don't even start with your screen time yells, you guys. This $20 pocket shower curtain from Amazon has 17 touch-sensitive pockets to slide in an iPad, an iPhone, or other flat screen device so you can have the entire world literally at your wet, pruney fingertips. And for kids? That means they could enjoy an episode of Paw Patrol from the tub, or sing along with the actual Doc McStuffins episode they know by heart as they shower. Honestly, it's no different than me balancing my laptop on the toilet so I can watch Big Little Lies from the tub, and I think it's high time we start letting kids enjoy bath time for what it is — a luxury experience.

Imagine the ways you could use this liner to your advantage. If you're someone who doles out screen time and it's getting late in the day, tell your kid they can watch that episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while taking a bath instead of squeezing it in before bedtime. Have a kid who's terrified of baths? Pop in your phone with a clip of Ernie and his rubber ducky and suddenly Sesame Street has cured your toddler's bath drain woes. (I can't be the only kid who thought I'd get sucked down, right?) Just need your child to stay in the bath so you can sit on the toilet with your first hot meal of the day? Maybe this is the shower curtain for you.

Look, I'm not saying you should fill every pocket with a device and leave your kid to soak in the tub like a royal. But this shower curtain could come in handy when you need it. I've definitely propped my kid's tablet up on the sink so she could watch a clip from Frozen while she was acting it out with her bath toys, and this liner just cuts down the risk of your phone falling in the toilet. (I can't speak for how well it holds up to toddlers and their picky hands though.)

Bonus, it can be used for you, too. When I was a theatre kid, I would put my script in sheet protectors and tape them to the shower wall so I could memorize them while washing my hair. Now you can drop whatever it is you were reading/studying into the pockets. If you don't have time for a bath, but wanted to finish that chapter of your book on Kindle, here you are. Need to take a shower but can't relax with your baby asleep in their nursery? Oh look, drop your monitor device into one of those pockets and you can actually shave your legs without ripping the shower curtain open every two minutes because you swore you heard a baby cry. This isn't an "end of times" kind of product. This is a product that could maybe save you some sanity at the end of the day and help you unwind a bit, too.