Omg, Can We Please Talk About This Matte Black *Pumpkin-Shaped* Dutch Oven?

When the fall season rolls around, soups, stews, and casseroles become the stars of my weekly dinner rotations. To me, the hearty flavors of fall just taste best when cooked slow in one big pot of deliciousness — bonus points if the pot is a pumpkin-shaped dutch oven. I'm sure that many of you do the same as the weather outside cools down and the leaves begin to fall. Whether you're making beef stew, split pea soup, or a chicken pot pie, everyone knows that everything tastes better when you put it in a fancy dish shaped like Cinderella's carriage.

Can you just imagine waltzing up to your family's Thanksgiving table with one of these enamel pumpkin dutch ovens and grabbing the shimmering golden pumpkin stem handle to lift the top off to reveal the steaming contents within? The amazing smell of slow cooked green beans and bacon or candied yams wafting out of the top of the cutest fall dish ever will surely make your family want to crown you as their Thanksgiving queen.

Don't yet have one of these fancy pumpkin shaped dishes to make all of your fall cooking dreams come true? Luckily, they're currently on sale on Wayfair, marked down just in time for you to cash in on big savings ahead of the busy holiday cooking season.

A professional chef favorite, Staub is one of the premier brands in quality cookware. While their products are typically on the pricier side, the durability of their products and their ability to go from the kitchen to the table with ease is unmatched, and these pumpkin dutch ovens are no exception.

Each 3.5-quart capacity dutch oven is cast and enameled in France and features Staub's proprietary textured cast iron interior that promotes browning. This is ideal for making fall-apart meats within the walls of the pot that are absolutely drool-worthy. Slow cooking and simmering are the recommended cooking methods with this dutch oven, which can be heated to a maximum temperature of 500 degrees on gas or electric stovetops.

While some cast iron products do require tedious seasoning, this particular pot does not. That means you can start cooking immediately after your pull your gorgeous pumpkin dutch oven right out of the box. Wasting time getting to the good stuff (the food, duh) is not even an option here.

Once you're done cooking your favorite fall-inspired meal and have impressed everyone you know by serving it straight out of an elegant pumpkin dish, you can put the dutch oven straight in the dish washer for easy clean up. This is basically unheard of for cast iron dishes, which typically require lots of scrubbing, keeping you from enjoying all of that post-meal socializing and late day Thanksgiving napping.

This pumpkin dutch oven is currently available for order on Wayfair in a shiny orange finish and a matte black finish. It is also made in an elegant white enamel that is currently sold out and not expected to be available again until Nov. 3.

Marked down from $429 to $200, the orange lends itself to a fall table that's more traditional, while the matte black is what you'll want for a sleek, modern look that is hauntingly gorgeous, and it is currently on sale for $179.

Staub makes it possible for you to have the best of all worlds with quality cooking, beautiful serving, and clean=up that is an absolute breeze. What more could you possibly ask for in a pumpkin dutch oven? If your Thanksgiving table doesn't have one of these sitting smack dab in the middle of it, you're going to regret it. This is fall food goals, people.