I'm Throwing A Party & The Only One I'm Inviting Is This Talking Rose Nylund Ornament

For those of us trying to rush through this horror that’s 2020, we're already planning ahead for Christmas. Ordering holiday ornaments could bring you some serious joy right now, and if you’re a Golden Girls fan, get doubly excited. There’s a Rose Nylund Hallmark ornament available for preorder right now, and it's only $20. It really is like Christmas in August.

If you preorder now, you will receive this incredible replica of Rose Nylund in her infamous blue dress on your doorstep by October 5. That’s right, weeks before Halloween. But that’s OK. Since we are trying to get through this year as quickly as possible, there will be no judgement from me if you put your tree up before Halloween. I think this year we can all make an exception — especially when it comes to one of our favorite four girls.

Even if you don’t put up your tree in October just for this ornament, you can still hear Rose’s quirky wisdom at the push of a button. The clips are hilarious enough to tide you over until you officially put up your tree. Enjoy audio clips of four different Rose-isms, with everything from Saint Olaf story snippets to Scandinavian sayings.

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And even my favorite Rose line is included: “Hi girls, what a great day. I feel so terrific, it’s like life is a giant weenie roast and I’m the biggest weenie.” And don’t forget the infamous laugh track that accompanied all sitcoms back in the day. That’s included in the clips as well.

You’ll definitely feel like the biggest weenie in a giant weenie roast if you are able to procure this gorgeous ornament for your tree this year. As we all know, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are just that — keepsakes — and this ornament will be the perfect addition to your tree year after year. Plus, it comes in the pre-packaged iconic Hallmark red box, which makes it perfect for gift-giving to your favorite Golden Girl or Golden Girl fan to thank them for being a friend.

Now we just have to impatiently wait for Hallmark to release the rest of the girls so they can all be together forever — without even having to freeze their heads. Then your tree really will be like if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew.