This Mat Is Also A Basket So You Can Just Dump Your Kids' Toys Back In & It's Genius

Attention parents of children with a love of toys with hundreds of small pieces: Are you ready to stop stepping on rogue LEGOs and Shopkins? My boys are forever leaving teeny tiny toy pieces scattered all over our entire house and stepping on them creates some of the most painful sensations I can think of. I've tried every sort of toy storage imaginable to help keep the mess under control — gallon sized baggies, storage bins with lids, buckets — you name it, I've tried it. Finally, this incredible SlideAway play mat and toy storage combo is going to change the toy cleanup game.

The SlideAway Basket toy cleanup and storage container features an innovative design that helps to contain the gigantic mess that your kids make when playing with toys with tons of tiny parts. I for one have had to personally pry LEGO pieces out of the inside of my vacuum cleaner one too many times and cannot understand how no one thought of a design like this sooner. Designed by parents of five kiddos at Creative QT, the SlideAway is the answer to one of parents most frustrating toy storage problems.

The stylish storage basket features an attached 52-inch play mat that works to keep your kids messes contained to a confined space thanks to a 2-inch lip around the mat. The mat is made from a nylon material that will hold up to all of your kids rough and tumble playing. Once they are finished playing, you can lift the edge of the mat and pull the drawstring up to gather the toy contents in one fell swoop. The mat and the entirety of the tiny toys then fold easily into the storage container to be topped off with the fitted lid. Genius!

Each storage basket measures approximately 12 inches tall by 15 inches in diameter, so it easily holds your child's collection of Barbie Dolls, Magnatiles, Hot Wheels, or any other assortment of small toy sets with multiple pieces. The baskets are soft-sided, yet sturdy and come in either solid grey or a grey and off-white striped pattern so that they look great in just about any room. Rope accent handles allow you to easily carry the SlideAway basket to wherever your kids want to play.

The SlideAway is also available in a smaller size that is perfect for travel or for using with craft items. The SlideAway On-The-Go holds markers, beads, crayons, or any number of items that kids may want to play with on a tabletop surface. Simply fill the SlideAway On-The-Go with a variety of toys, store it in your tote bag or diaper bag, or carry by the bag's handle to keep your kid entertained while out and about.

The SlideAway On-The-Go works in the same way as the SlideAway Basket, but features a smaller 15-inch mat space and rimmed lip to keep toys and supplies neatly contained within the drawstring bag. This one is even great for storing snacks to take to the park or beach when you might need a clean eating space.

To get your hands on a SlideAway, you'll need to contribute to the company's Kickstarter campaign. Pledges start at just $17, which gets you the early bird rate for one SlideAway Basket in your choice of color. Pledge values increase from there with additional baskets or the SlideAway On-The-Go added with corresponding pledge amounts. The lead time to donate to the campaign and receive your SlideAway products is currently about three months. Personally, I've waited this long to get my hands on such an ingenious toy storage solution that I don't mind waiting just a bit longer to receive this amazing product!