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This Starbucks Order Could Help Increase Your Milk Supply

With all of the claims out there that certain foods can increase your milk supply, it's no wonder that breastfeeding moms are filling up their grocery carts with oatmeal, herbs, and raw almonds. But you know what? You're a mom and you could also use an extra dose or two (or three, or four . . . ) of caffeine. Why can't coffee be a galactagogue? Turns out, next time you're on a coffee run, this Starbucks order could help increase your milk supply and help you tackle the day ahead.

OK, so let's make one thing clear — it's not your favorite cappucino or strawberry frappucino that's going to do the trick. Instead, this drink is one of the "secret menu" specialties and a little more creative than you might imagine, but you know what? It could work.

First things first, as Kelly Mom noted, it's not as simple as downing a galactagogue and immediately having your milk supply increase. Galactagogues work best when they are enjoyed while you are pumping and while you are increasing your breastfeeding sessions. Which shouldn't be too hard to handle with this one Starbucks order that could help you increase your milk supply — an oatmeal latte.

Oatmeal — that's the magic milk supply word, isn't it? Although Kelly Mom noted that there isn't any scientific evidence to back up oatmeal as a way to increase your milk supply, it does seem to work and there are a few reasons why. First, it's full of iron, and low iron can cause a decrease in milk supply. It's also a comfort food that can help relax you which aids your milk let-down, and it's good for lowering cholesterol, which is something most herbs that can increase milk supply also do.

So what's an oatmeal latte? According to Refinery 29, it's a "secret menu" option, but you'll just need to ask the barista specifically for what you want, which is a bowl of oatmeal with steamed milk and one or two shots of espresso on the side. (You can ask the barista to top the oatmeal with the espresso, but they may not.) You combine the espresso and oatmeal, let the oatmeal steep for a few minutes, and then add your toppings. While it's more like an espresso-infused oatmeal than an oatmeal-flavored latte, there will still be some liquid left to drink after you've eaten most of the oatmeal.

Now here's another trick — make sure you ask for steamed almond milk. Why? According to Parenting, almonds can increase the richness of your milk and could potentially help your milk production. So the combination of almond milk and oatmeal should give you a double dose of help with your milk supply.

Reminder — while these foods have been thought of as ways to increase your milk supply, it doesn't mean you're going to wake up with your breasts bursting with extra milk. Try this Starbucks order for a dose of caffeine and some help with production, but make sure to pump more and nurse frequently to get your supply up as best you can. Also, reach out to a lactation consultant if you're having trouble with your milk production and/or supply.