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This Super Cute Lunch Box Legit Looks Like A High-End Purse, & You Need It ASAP

When you're a kid, finding a cool lunch box is easy: Just pick the coolest cartoon character or design (unicorns are pretty big right now) and you're good to go. Bonus points if it comes with a super cool Thermos or other handy accessory. As an adult, finding a suitable lunch box is more of a challenge, unless your personal aesthetic leans towards "camping equipment chic." Luckily, there's now an alternative to bringing your lunch to work in an empty CVS bag — thanks to the the pretty new grown-up lunch boxes from Modern Picnic.

It all started when founder Ali Kaminetsky got "fed up with carrying her meals in paper bags, plastic bags or old shopping bags daily," according to a press release. Tired of sacrificing style for the sake of a portable lunch, Keminetsky launched Modern Picnic in 2018 with the "mission of providing working girls with a chic alternative to the traditional lunch box."

Indeed, Modern Picnic's bags are so chic, the casual observer would never expect to find half an almond butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of baby carrots inside. They're as functional as they are fashionable, with a number of super useful features like elastic silverware slots, a slip pocket, and an insulated interior. Plus, they're made from vegan leather, which makes these eco-friendly accessories even more sustainable.

Modern Picnic

Doesn't that just inspire you to pack yourself a nice, organic, antioxidant-filled meal for yourself right now? Or maybe you're the type who prefers a light snack. Modern Picnic's lunch boxes come in two sizes, "The Luncher" ($149) and "The Snacker" ($49), so you don't need to worry about having too much or too little space.

Both sizes are available in an assortment of colors including Blush, Beige, and Black, Hunter Green, Grey, Navy, and Dark Brown. The Luncher (shown here in Blush, Beige, and Black) is sophisticated enough to go unnoticed alongside a briefcase or high-end handbag:

Modern Picnic

And the Snacker, meanwhile, is just about the sleekest way ever to carry around a Larabar and a handful of berries.

Modern Picnic

Or if you're looking for something a little more unique, Modern Picnic even offers a line of custom-painted Lunchers and Snackers: Modern Picnic x Deanna First. A NYC-based fashion and beauty illustrator, First has collaborated with Modern Picnic to offer three whimsical versions of the original designs: The beige "Hello" Luncher/Snacker, the brown Cherry Luncher/Snacker, and the navy Star Luncher/Snacker (prices for Lunchers/Snackers from the Deanna First line are $225/$100).

Those custom-painted options are so cute, don't be surprised if your kid tries to swipe your lunch box in place of her own with the unicorns (or whatever) on it. Because this is *your* lunch box, and it's way too fancy to be filled with goldfish cracker dust. One thing to keep in mind re: the decorated bags; turnaround time is between 10 and 14 days, not including shipping.

Then again, you might have to be somewhat patient even if you're going for the unadorned lunch boxes, as several colors are currently sold out on the website (which just proves that this product is very in-demand). And why wouldn't it be? It's not often that you come across a product capable of multitasking as hard as you... and looking *that* good at the same time.