This Toddler Playing With A Baby Gorilla At The Zoo Is Killing Me Softly, And 5 Other Times Kids And Animals Were On Their Own Level

Toddlers are great. I mean, when toddlers aren’t busy throwing their toys on the ground, climbing all over the furniture, playing with their food, as one kind woman at the store put it the other day when my kid was screaming his head off, “testing their vocal chords,” or otherwise being verbally abusive, they sure can be a lot of fun. Toddlers can find a game in pretty much everything they do, and can find a way to play with anyone they encounter.

If you needed any proof about this, you’ll find it in this video that will have you smiling so hard your face will hurt. This adorable moment was captured by a mom at a zoo in Ohio when her son Isaiah made his way to the gorilla exhibit and found a new best friend. The little boy proceeded to walk up to the glass and play a lengthy round of peek-a-boo with his primate friend. The gorilla was just as enthusiastic and proceeded to run and hide and pop back out from behind a column, enjoying the game with his tiny human pal.

You can see the rest of the video here:

But Isaiah isn’t the only kiddo to find a friend in an unexpected place. Check out these 5 other adorable animal encounters:

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Ugh, BRB, trying to restart my heart, which just died.

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I want to go to that party immediately

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Images: Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijper/Flickr; Breaking News Time/YouTube(4)