If Your Kid Loves Unicorns, You'll Want This Magical Unicorn Water Table ASAP

What is more fun for a child than playing in water? Pretty much nothing. My kids love to splash and play in any type of water. From bathtubs to kitchen sinks, oceans to swimming pools, playing in water is one of their favorite activities. A water table is a great way to get kids engaged in water play, but this amazing Unicorn Water Table is an absolutely magical way to get kids splashing around.

Made by Step2, the Rain Showers and Unicorn Water Table features movable parts that allow for kids to experiment with water flow. This type of play is great for building interest in STEM activities and for learning cause and effect, according to Walmart's description of the table. Water fun and learning? Sign me up!

With summer quickly approaching, it's a great time to invest in a few toys that can help keep kids occupied when the summer heat hits. Let's face it, you're probably going to be running to Walmart more times than you can count to pick up one thing or another, you might as well get this awesome Unicorn Water Table while you're there. For $69.99, you can invest in hours worth of water play fun that will keep your kids happy, entertained, and learning. That's actually pretty priceless, if you ask me.


Kids Love Water Play

I'll say it again, water is just as magical for kids as unicorns are. Water can clean, water can cool you off, water can do all of the magical things. With this magical Unicorn Water Table kids can splash, pour, and spill until their heart's content. If they get wet, they're happy, and it eventually dries. Win-win.


The Toys Included Double As Bath Toys

I know my kids will play with just about anything in the bathtub, but why not give them a few more reasons to love playing in the tub? This awesome Unicorn Water Table comes with three unicorns, one bucket, one paddle wheel, one flipper, and one strainer scoop, two cups, and four water flow pieces that can be used outside of the water table itself. The cups and scoops are great for dipping and scooping water just about anywhere, and the small unicorns will make an adorable addition to any bathtub toy collection.


The Details Are Precious

Some of the removable parts can connect directly to the Unicorn Water Table to create a flow of water from the top level of the table to the bottom basin. The water pushes the tiny paddle wheels around, which then splashes the water over into the next portion of the table. All of this can create a magical play area for the three adorable unicorns included with the set. It's also a great way to incorporate STEM learning into everyday play as kids learn how to change the water flow.


Playdates Will Be Extra Special

This magical Unicorn Water Table measures approximately 37.25 x 10.25 x 22 inches, according to Walmart's website. That is plenty large enough for multiple children to play around the outside of the table, and the perfect height for kids ages 1-5. You'll be the hit of the neighborhood when kids find out they can play with water and unicorns at your house.


It Can Be Used Indoors or Outside

Playing with water outside may be the preferred option on a hot summer day, but bringing this fun Unicorn Water Table inside for playing on a rainy day is totally possible. The bottom basin has a stopper that can be plugged in to keep water securely inside the table. If you're worried about kids splashing some of the water out of the table, you can always put down a cheap shower curtain liner or a few towels beneath the water table to catch any overflow and make for easy cleanup.