This Wagon Is The Answer To *All* Of Your Family Outing Problems

When you're preparing to become a parent of two, you spend a lot of time looking at gear. And most of it? It's all about how to contain your baby and your big kid. Carriers, walkers, strollers — the list is never ending. And it's all a logistical nightmare. My husband and I recently took our girls to the zoo, and it didn't take long for us to realize we needed a wagon. But until our 4-month-old can sit up in an wagon with our 4-year-old, we'd have to wait. Until we heard about the Veer Cruiser.

Look, we have two different strollers, a million baby carriers, and we still struggle to find something to contain both of our children. The problem is that we thought a double stroller would be a huge waste of money — surely our 4-year-old wouldn't want to sit in a stroller — but then we realized that if baby gets a seat, then big kid wants one, too. Which meant swapping out the pram-like stroller with the bassinet for baby and replacing it with the jogger stroller with the toddler seat. Which means baby has to come out of her car seat and into a carrier. Which means mama gets no break, both parents are pushing/carrying a child, and oh yeah, there's no room in the stroller basket for lunch, a diaper bag, water bottles, and my purse.

Until the Veer Cruiser became a part of our garage. Guys, if you've ever suffered the same conundrum as us, you're going to fall in love with this wagon. The Veer Cruiser is meant to be as easy to use as a stroller, but also contain the fun and flexibility of a wagon. It's made to last, and the giant wheels mean it can handle everything from a ride through the woods for a picnic to the gravel of a state fair.

The kicker? It holds a car seat. Game changer, right? That's what sold us, but there are so many other great features. *Deep breath* OK, so the sidewalls are fabric, it has a step so kids can get in on their own, a 3-point passenger harness, a one-touch footbrake, space for six cup holders (including space on the handle for parents), a snack and drink tray, and can fold in just one hand. Oh, and it just stands in an upright position for easy storage. Oh, and it has an area for your kids' feet so they aren't kicking each other constantly. (Also a great place to store the snacks.) It's also easily available on the Veer website for $599.

That price doesn't include the car seat adapter, so you'll need to purchase that if you need it. You can also buy accessories like retractable canopies, comfort toddler seats, and extra basket storage. Seriously, I'm not one to go on and on about a product, but I'm majorly in love with the Veer Cruiser. It's our go-to for all family outings, but especially ones like the beach or anywhere our big kid wants to hop in and out. So much easier than a stroller, and we only have to pull one piece of baby gear around. A win-win, right? Plus what kid doesn't want to be toted around in a wagon all day? (My biceps will thank me one day, I'm sure of it.)