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This Woman Invited The Obamas To Her Wedding, & They Actually Responded

Barack and Michelle Obama are still beloved by many people. So much so, that one woman even invited the Obamas to her wedding, and being the good sports that they are — Barack and Michelle actually responded. President Obama and the First Lady always did seem like the kind of people who don't forget to RSVP, right?

Liz Allen, the mother of bride-to-be Brook Allen sent the couple an invite to the wedding back in March. It took a while, but the Obamas responded in late July with the sweetest note. They wrote:

Congratulations on your wedding. We hope that your marriage is blessed with love, laughter, and happiness and that your bond grows stronger with each passing year. This occasion marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership, and as you embark on this journey, know you have our very best for the many joys and adventures that lie ahead.

Both of them signed the card. Of all the people to give their blessing for a happy marriage, the Obamas are not a bad choice. Throughout their eight years in the White House, the couple always had Americans smiling with the thoughtful things they would say about each other and their friendly relationship. Who wouldn't want a relationship just like theirs?

Allen posted a picture of the response on Twitter. Funnily enough, the Obamas have been responding to all sorts of announcements and good news from their supporters. One woman shared a card she received from them back when they were in office, welcoming a new baby into the world. Another shared a graduation announcement and received some inspiring advice for taking on the world.

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Presidents and politicians receive tons of mail and often respond to their constituents. But the Obamas are still responding to people even though they're no longer in office is so very sweet. Back in 2015, Obama did actually attend someone's wedding.

Well, kind of. Obama playing golf at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, where Stephanie and Brian Tobe were preparing to take their vows. Secret Service told the couple that they had to either go through with the wedding right away or wait until the president was done with his last hole.

The couple was happily watching him from their hotel window, but their photographer had a good idea. He told the couple that for sure if they went down there all decked out, Obama would pose for a picture. They ran down and he did, making their special day even more special.

Despite your politics, it's always nice to see a politician, and especially a president, having a little fun. And it's good to know that the Obama family is still connecting with Americans and bringing smiles to peoples' faces.