This Maternity Shoot Isn't What You'd Expect

by Jenn Rose

Counting down the days until your favorite person creates your new favorite person is an exciting time. You want her to be comfortable, you want to buy her all the cute little outfits, and you definitely want her to know how beautiful and special she is. A woman giving her best friend a maternity photo shoot as a gift doesn't seem that out of the ordinary, but there's a little detail that makes the now-viral shoot very different from what you'd expect, because the best friend in this case is a dog.

Elsa Veria-Means from Olympia, Washington, told ABC affiliate WTVM that she was inspired by Beyoncé's iconic Instagram pregnancy announcement that rocked the internet in February. She thought Beyoncé "killed it," and wanted her friend to have the same treatment. Forget about the hand-hearts, baby booties, and ribbons tied around the belly like your basic cousin, Kelsey, posted on Facebook. This had to be a photo shoot worthy of a queen. Veria-Means admitted that her friend sometimes "acts like a total diva," according to Distractify, but she loves her, and she "just really wanted to get some quality photos to save for memories." So she enlisted freelance photographer Clayton Foshaug to assemble a collection of tastefully nude photos — unless you count a crown of roses as clothing.

Yes, Veria-Means' best friend, Fusee, is a dog. But dogs are objectively better than humans, on the whole, and they're also more enjoyable to look at. Veria-Means' mother predicted that the photos of the suspected pug mix would go viral, and it's not hard to see why. This is what Twitter was made for.

The miracle of life plus the purity of friendship? Yes, please.

I mean, just look at the joy on their faces!

Twitter is also full of haters, unfortunately, and more than a few people scolded Fusee for getting pregnant rather than adopting. And while it's true that there are many puppies out there waiting for families, it's a little too late for that, now, and frankly, Fusee's family planning is none of your business, internet strangers.

Some people were curious why the father wasn't included in the photos, and were worried that he might have abandoned his baby mama. But even without a partner, it looks like Fusee has a great support system in place. Veria-Means, her sister, Cecelia, and her mother are all excited to help with those babies.

Fusee gave birth to eight beautiful puppies early Wednesday morning, and now the world will patiently wait for those newborn portraits. But if I may be so bold, I'll ask Fusee to skip the giant flower headbands for the girls, and please, don't drape a naked, sleeping puppy over Daddy's arm, because that look is beyond tired. Congratulations to the whole family.