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Hi, T.J. Maxx Has The Cutest Halloween Costumes Under $25

I used to think the best part of Halloween was the candy. Then, I got a bit older and decided it was the scary movies. Now that I'm a mom, I know for certain that the best part of Halloween is dressing your child up in adorable and sometimes ridiculous costumes. This year, T.J. Maxx has a ton of super cute, and most importantly, super affordable, Halloween costumes for kids. Save a little money on costumes, and you can put it toward something really important like, you know, your candy fund. (How many Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins is too many?)

Summer may just be winding down, but it's really never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes. After all, we've all been that person scrambling to find something a night or two before the holiday, and that's not fun. Snag your costumes now, and you'll have a wide selection – which is much more enjoyable than desperately picking through racks the week before Halloween, crossing your fingers that you'll find something acceptable in their size. Plus, they'll be able to take their costume for a test run (or two or three) before the big night. Here are 12 sweet costumes from everyone's favorite budget-friendly store.


Mermaid Costume

When I was five years old, I was a mermaid for Halloween. It was freezing outside and my mom made me wear a turtleneck underneath it... needless to say, I was livid. This sequin mermaid costume with ruffle trim, complete with a matching headband and bracelet, is seriously darling (with or without a turtleneck).


Dragon Ninja Costume

Finally, your rambunctious little ninja will look the part. This "dragon ninja" costume comes with a jumpsuit, breast plate, face mask, and not one but two katana swords. They may want to leave the swords at home, though, so they have a free hand for their candy loot.


Toddler Pumpkin Plush Bubble Costume

There's a reason nearly every toddler goes as a pumpkin for at least one Halloween. Look how cute that is! The plush bubble costume comes with a matching hat and closes with velcro on the back, and it can be easily layered over any type of clothing, for any type of weather.


Baby Elephant Plush Bubble Costume

Your little one will be the cuddliest elephant in the room in this plush bubble costume. The bubble has an elephant hood, zips up in the front, and it comes with matching slip-on elephant feet. The included peanuts bag for Halloween candy is the perfect added touch.


Baby Lion Cub Plush Bubble Costume

Your lion may or may not sleep tonight, but at least they'll look pretty darn adorable. This plush lion costume comes with faux fur mane around the hood, a tail, and zips up the front for easy dressing and undressing.


Storybook Princess Costume

This satin and velvet princess costume with tulle skirt is perfectly reminiscent of one of your child's favorite Disney characters. Sadly, the seven dwarfs are not included.


Policeman Costume

This five-piece policeman costume has everything: a police uniform jumpsuit (complete with a tie), faux chest pockets, a badge, police hat, belt, plastic handcuffs with keys, and a baton. The six-pack is a hilarious touch, too.


Baby Kitty Plush Bubble Costume

You've got to be kitten me. This one is too precious. The plush bubble costume zips up the front, and comes with a hood, tail and an attached pink collar. Your kid will probably want to wear this on the daily.


Deluxe Enchanted Fairy Costume

This is the priciest costume on the list, but it's got plenty of bells and whistles to make it worth it. This fairy costume features a sequin and velvet dress with a tulle skirt, and includes intricate wings, a matching headband, and a princess wand.


Toddler Ladybug Fairy Costume

Fairy costumes are great, ladybug costumes are great, but combine them and you've got something somehow even better. This three-piece fairy ladybug costume has a velvet and tulle dress and comes with wings and an antenna headband. You can easily add a black tee and leggings if it's chillier where you're trick-or-treating.


Baby Puppy Costume

Nothing better than a baby in a puppy onesie, period. This furry costume zips down the front and comes with features a hood, tail, and collar. This one would work particularly well for places that are a bit colder over Halloween.


Toddler Arctic Princess Costume

Hopefully you have nice weather over Halloween, but even if you don't, the cold never bothered her anyway. This "arctic princess" velvet and sequin costume comes with a glittery tulle cape and a velvet tiara. Oh, and you should probably have "Let It Go" cued up.