The store that selling halloween decoration at Old Quarter, Hanoi

Here Is When You Can *Finally* Shop At Spirit Halloween Stores This Year

It is nearly that time of year again when all of the ghoul and goblin-loving people rush around to prepare for the night of Oct. 31, when candy-collecting abounds and dressing up in costume is basically a requirement. If you're a Halloween fanatic like myself, you've probably had your eye on some online costumes and decor for ages now. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to selecting the perfect Halloween attire and accessories, you may be wondering, when do Spirit Halloween stores open this year?

Spirit Halloween stores are not open all year. Although you can order their costumes and decor online all year long (and sometimes they even have stellar coupons and sales), heading to a Spirit store in person has to be done in the couple of months leading up to Halloween when the pop-up stores open in vacant shopping center spaces in 1,300 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The answer to when you can get your claws on the latest and greatest spooktacular offerings at Spirit Halloween stores truly depends on where you're located. For example, the Spirit store closest to me in Houston, Texas is already open for business and we're barely through the first week of August, and several other locations are showing that they are already open as well. The remainder of Spirit stores throughout the United States and Canada that are not yet open are slated to open throughout the rest of August and early September, but dates vary by location.

Going to a Spirit Halloween store is like raiding your mom's closet when you're a kid. Seriously. Remember the thrill of trying on your mom's high heels and pretending to be Wonder Woman wearing her bathrobe as a cape? (No, just me?) Wandering the aisles and aisles of Halloween costumes and decorations opens your imagination to an entirely new world of possibilities. Did you really think you wanted to be a sexy pirate again this year? Well, you might have until you walked into a Spirit store and saw that they have an adult Buzz Lightyear costume that comes in your size. I'm telling you, you never know what you might find at a Spirit Halloween store that's going to inspire your best Halloween yet.

Not only do the pop-up Spirit stores offer some of the most extravagant costume selections, they're also home to anything and everything you could ever need to decorate your home for Halloween. Your yard will be the talk of the town when you invest in some of Spirit's state-of-the art animatronic Halloween decorations. From frighteningly scary to downright spooky, Spirit has a myriad of options to choose from. And if you're planning to throw a Halloween party, you can find party supplies like tablecloths, utensils, lights, fog machines, and even pumpkin carving supplies at Spirit.

To find out when the Spirit Halloween location nearest you will be opening, simply go to their website and type in your zip code in their store locator. Hours vary by location, but when you find the location nearest you on their website, hours will be listed once that particular location is open for business. As Halloween gets closer, stores tend to offer more hours so that you can grab any last-minute garb ahead of the holiday rush. I've been known to make a run to Spirit on the day of Halloween, and let me tell you — the store will likely be packed.