Toddler's "Phone Call" With "Cheating" BF Is Adorable

by Korey Lane

Unfortunately, the feeling of being so angry that you don't know what to say is one that is all-too familiar for most women. It seems that, at times, women are faced with unfair situations and aren't permitted to speak up about it. Obviously, society has long been degrading of women and their feelings about certain things, but young girls are often shockingly honest and unafraid in their opinions. And it's pretty great. Little girls who speak their minds without shame are just what the world needs. Like this toddler, who berated her "boyfriend" over a fake phone, and was basically speaking for every woman who's had to deal with a less-than ideal partner ever before in her life.

Little 2-year-old Mila had absolutely no qualms in "calling up" her boyfriend, Sawyer, after she saw him in the park with another girl that was definitely not her. So, Mila decided to do the mature thing, which was to pick up her very fake pink cell phone and call Sawyer up to give him a piece of her mind. But that's not all. She also proceeded to have a full-on pretend argument with him, complete with facial expressions ranging from shocked, to mad, to downright adorable.

At first, Mila seems very offended, explaining to the camera that she "saw Sawyer in the park, with another girl," saying it made her "so mad." Then, she decides to tell Sawyer exactly what she thinks. With just one small glitch: she doesn't actually use a real phone. But that doesn't stop her. Mila starts the "conversation" off by asking a simple, "What are you doing?" But before there's time for a response, she gets straight to it by saying, "Sawyer, I saw you." And it only escalates from there.

After telling Sawyer that he made her sad, Mila then raises her voice to a pretty intense volume, and tells him "never ever, don't eve" do that again. (Honestly, Mila seems like a little badass in the making.)

Her closing statement? "Never ever mess with Mila."

Clearly she isn't afraid to speak her mind and put boys in their place. And even though the conversation was literally one-sided, it seems to have made Mila feel better, which is good. If nothing else, Mila's phone call also delivered some good-natured laughs, which the world could always use. So keep on keeping on, Mila, the world needs outspoken girls like you!

You can watch the full video here, if you so desire (you definitely should).