Tom Holland Turning Into Spider-Man For Jimmy Kimmel's Son's Birthday Is So Darn Cute

It might not be your birthday, but Tom Holland surprised Jimmy Kimmel's son as Spider-Man on his special day and the video is, truly, a gift for us all. Billy Kimmel turned 3 on Tuesday, and considering the fact that he showed up to his dad's at-home taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! dressed as Spider-Man, it's not too surprising that he would be left speechless by an appearance from Peter Parker himself.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Kimmel has been taping his nightly talk show from home in California. And because of his new home-based interviews, his two youngest children, 5-year-old daughter Jane and 3-year-old son Billy, have become frequent guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. But I suspect Tuesday's appearance was particularly special for little Billy when the Tom Holland was the guest.

Holland sat down for an interview from his home in London, England, which he shares with three roommates, when the talk show host mentioned it was his little boy's birthday. "My son Billy turns 3 today," Kimmel said, "and we watched both of your Spider-Man movies over and over and over again. And we promised him that Spider-Man, the real Spider-Man, would come to his party. Now of course, we were just going to hire a guy in a suit. But now nobody is coming to his party. His party is just us."

When Kimmel asked if he would mind stepping into character for Billy, Holland immediately responded, "Absolutely, no trouble at all."

Kimmel brought both of his kids on screen, with Billy wearing a Spider-Man costume and telling his dad to call him "Spidey," and then Holland came on screen. Billy got shy and quiet, as so often happens when kids actually came face-to-face with their hero, and when Holland pulled his mask off little Jane said, "That's Peter Parker."

Her dad reminded her that she thought he had a cute face and she was not impressed.

Holland (and his roommates in the background) joined the family in singing "Happy Birthday" to Billy when Kimmel's wife Molly McNearny brought him a birthday cake. While Billy looked shy and nervous, his parents were grateful to have himself making their little boy's birthday special. Especially since they have gone through so much in the three years since little Billy had heart surgery as a new baby.

Billy Kimmel has long been a fan of Spider-Man, as his father explained to Us Weekly last year, although he thought he was actually the web-slinger himself when he was 2, "He thinks he’s Spider-Man now, so we’re safe from crime. He wears the costume all the time. He’s shooting webs all over the house. He goes to preschool as his secret identity and then turns into Spider-Man when he comes home."

Perhaps that's why he seemed a little confused. How could Spider-Man be on his screen when Billy himself is the real Spider-Man? Food for thought.