Tommee Tippee's Portable Blackout Blind Is A Godsend For Fussy Daytime Nappers

It can take weeks to get your baby on a somewhat steady sleep schedule, but all it takes is one overnight trip to Grandma’s house to wreak havoc on the nighttime routine you worked so, so hard to create. That's why the Tommee Tippee GroAnywhere Portable Blackout Blind is a godsend: No matter where you are or what time of day it is, when when naptime rolls around, you can make the daylight go away.

For those days when bedtime can’t come fast enough, you’re going to need a curtain to curtail the light streaming through your windows. The Tommee Tippee GroAnywhere Portable Blackout Blind ($39.99, Amazon) functions like a curtain to cover your window. It's made from 100% polyester and is guaranteed to make it seem like it’s midnight — even if it’s only 7:30 p.m. The silver stars and moon pattern can help your child get into mood for bedtime.

While the blackout blind could certainly be used in your baby’s nursery, it's really designed to be on-the-go curtain coverage. But hanging curtains isn’t always easy, and thankfully, Tommee Tippee knows that a sleep-deprived momma doesn’t want to wrestle with curtain rods. Thanks to the Gro Anywhere design, the blind attaches directly to the window via super strong suction cups, ensuring a darkened room in mere minutes. And when you’re ready to let in the light of day, all you need to do is pull the release tab and the curtains will come down again.

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Thing is, windows doesn’t always measure the same width. As indicated by its name, the Gro Anywhere design means that the blackout curtain can fit windows from sizes up to 51” x 77”, which should make for a sound sleeping environment in no time. The curtain can also be compressed to one-third of its size for narrower windows, too, without looking bulky or bunching up. And unlike other blackout curtains (which can be heavy and cumbersome), these only weigh about a pound and a half each. They’re also machine washable, and when you’re not traveling, you can fold up the curtain in a handy-dandy portable travel bag for simple storage.

The Tommee Tippee GroAnywhere Portable Blackout Curtain means that everyone will get a good night’s sleep, any place, and most importantly, any time.