TOMS Just Came Out With Bunny Shoes & You'll Want Them For The Whole Family

Spring is just around the corner (for most of us) and for me, that means I can pull out my favorite pairs of TOMS, since warmer weather means no socks, ankle jeans, skirts, and dresses. I’ve never really been a high heel or gladiator sandal kinda girl, and I love that TOMS can still look cute even with a spring or summer dress. And just in time for spring, there will be TOMS bunny shoes to adorn your feet with ultimate cuteness.

Bunny Women's Classic, $60, TOMS

Though perfect for any Easter festivities you may have, these adorable shoes can obviously be worn year-round — especially since they come in “Tiny TOMS” for babies and all child’s sizes for any age. Your kids will be the cutest on the block. And yes, they even come in adult sizes — because of course you want in on these adorable shoes, too. TOMS bunny shoes may come in different sizes and styles, from the TOMS classic canvas shoes ($60), to the Jersey Youth Luca Slip-Ons ($45), and Jersey Tiny TOMS Crib Alpargatas ($32), but they all feature an adorable happy bunny face — complete with ears — and of course, the cute little white puff of a tail on the heel. Adorbs, am I right? How sweet will your baby’s feet look with these shoes on there, sticking out from the car seat? And of course, matching with your kids just doesn't get any cuter.

Bunny Face Jersey Tiny TOMS Crib Alpargatas, $32, TOMS

And bunnies everywhere will rejoice, because all variations of these bunny shoes are vegan. The adult and kid-sized TOMS have a rubber sole for traction, and as per usual for the adult TOMS, they have a “molded removable insole.” The adorable baby TOMS have a “rubberized” outsole with very stylish birds on the bottom. What’s that saying about putting a bird on it? Plus, they’re a “comfortable microsuede with whipstitch detail” and it includes a “vamp strap” to help you get these shoes on your baby’s feet and keep them on there. And to add to the unbelievable cuteness, the insides are decorated with spring-colored carrots. I can’t even.

Even though TOMS is known for their comfortable, stylish, and comfortably chic shoes, many people forget the company's core mission and how the company came to be. TOMS has a “one-for-one” philosophy where if you purchase a pair of shoes from them, they’ll give a pair of shoes to someone in need for free. According to the TOMS website, they’ve given 75 million pairs of new shoes to children in need since they’ve been in business.

Bunny Face Jersey Youth Luca Slip-Ons, $45, TOMS

And now that their business has expanded, they’ve been able to help people with more than just footwear (which is important enough as it is), but for each eyewear purchase from their company, TOMS will “provide ‘Giving Partners’ with funding to restore sight to one individual through their “Freedom of Sight” initiative, according to the TOMS website. In addition to shoes and accessories, apparently TOMS even has a coffee roasting company, where purchases go toward helping their “Giving Partners” provide a week’s supply of water to a person in need. They’re creating water systems to produce ongoing access to water for communities in need. So far, in seven countries there have been 450,000 “weeks of safe water given,” the website noted.

Mamas, you’ll love this perk of buying from TOMS, too. With each TOMS bag purchased, TOMS is able to provide their “Giving Partners’ programs help with their support of maternal health in impoverished communities. “Community health workers are trained on safe birth practices and given the materials needed to help provide a safe birth. These skilled birth attendants then visit expectant mothers in their communities to monitor their pregnancies,” the website noted. “With training and proper materials to provide a safer delivery, mothers are up to 80 percent less likely to develop an infection. Almost half of newborn deaths can be prevented.”

And if that’s not enough, TOMS even works in bullying prevention in all 50 states, and their website claimed they’ve served 70,000 youths. How does this work? According to the TOMS website, “When a customer buys a TOMS High Road Backpack, we provide funds to a ‘Giving Partner’ for the training of school staff on bullying prevention and response or the training of crisis counselors to staff the Crisis Text Line.” Their hope is to “reduce up to 90 percent of incidents of bullying" in students' daily lives through the proper training of adults, parents, and students of how to handle and end bullying.

Additionally, TOMS has created more than 700 jobs in the regions where they give back, and all of their shoes are manufactured locally in “Ethiopia, India, and Kenya”— the regions to which they give help.

Slip-on shoes for kids and busy parents are a no brainer. And you can be smart, festive, and even philanthropic in these TOMS bunny shoes. Hop on over to the TOMS website to grab a pair for everyone in your family today. Maybe you can even convince Dad to wear some. Spring pictures anyone? Plus, isn’t it nice to support a company with core values focused on helping people?

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