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Former Dallas Cowboy Says He'll "Push" His Wife To Get Pregnant Again & The Full Quote Is Worse

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo just welcomed his third son with his wife, Candice Crawford-Romo on Aug. 23. That's, what? A whole week ago? As his tired wife presumably recovers from giving birth to an entire human being by herself, it seems Romo is ready to keep the baby train a-rolling. The former NFL player talked about "pushing" his wife for another baby, and I can't believe I have to say this in 2017 but NO.

The couple, who have been married for six years and are parents to 5-year-old son Hawk and 3-year-old son Rivers, were clearly excited to welcome their new baby, Jones Romo. In fact, Romo was so excited that he couldn't keep himself from boasting to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday about his plans for a massive gaggle of sons, presumably birthed by his wife (although please note how little credit she actually gets for bringing said gaggle into the world):

Oh, it's super exciting! My third boy, you know, so, building my own basketball team here -- getting close.

Romo, who retired from the Cowboys earlier this year and is now the lead NFL analyst for CBS, went on to explain that, while his wife might not actually want to have any more babies, he planned to "push her." And just roll with the results, I assume.

The former football star told Entertainment Tonight:

I think the wife might want to stop at this point, but we'll push her again in a year or two. Once they hold that baby, and that baby grows up a little bit, they want to hold that baby again, so... that's just how wives are, and moms.

So he thinks "the wife" might want to stop? Well, if he did a quick Google search he could find out for sure (barring just asking her, of course). Back in June, Crawford-Romo spoke to People about being pregnant for the third time and answered the question pretty firmly:

I think we are done after this third little guy arrives. You never say never, but I’m fairly confident that once this baby is out, we’ll feel like the Romo family is complete.

Romo might need to check his calendar; the years of fathers spouting that sort of jocular, boastful nonsense have long since passed. Gone are the days when men could brag about "pushing" their wives to have another baby, even if they plan to backpedal with the Oh, come on I was only kidding defense down the road.

Also gone are the days when it was permissible to make generalizations about all wives and mothers being baby-obsessed breeding robots who you can "push" and, look at that, a baby pops out. Crawford-Romo is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of Hawk and Sloan, a company that uses essential oils to create genius sanitizing, calming, and other sprays for kids with fun names like Sleepy Spray, Monster Spray, and Stinky Spray.

She's not a baby machine, Cowboy. Rein it in.