Tori Roloff Quotes That Show She'll Raise Her Son With Feminist Ideals


Tori and Zach Roloff recently welcomed their first baby boy, Jackson Kyle Roloff, into the world, and the Little People, Big World stars couldn't be more excited about their new little bundle. Baby Jackson was only born on May 12, but Tori and her husband have been looking forward to welcoming their child for a while now, so fans can easily get a sense of what the Roloffs are like as parents by what they've said — and Tori Roloff's quotes prove she might be a feminist mom, even though she's never actually declared herself one..

The best quote from Tori about her son actually came up while she was still pregnant. In one Little People, Big World episode, Tori and Zach discussed how they would feel if their child was born with dwarfism. Although Tori admitted that the experience might be scary because of the health challenges it could present, she said at the end of the episode that she would support her child no matter what. "It is scary. No parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what that is," Tori said, according to People. But she continued:

Whatever pops out, we're gonna love it.

Whether her child was born a boy or girl, born with achondroplasia or not, Tori was clearly committed to equally loving and supporting her baby all the same — which is really what feminism is all about.

Tori has also shown her feminist side in standing up against body shamers. A while back, she wrote on Instagram about a bystander's comment about her pregnancy that stung. "Today I got my feelings hurt like when I was a child," she wrote. She continued by explaining what she'd learned from the comment:

It hurt. It was a comment about pregnancy. ... I'm not as 'good' at being pregnant as I'd hoped but God is teaching me things I never thought I didn't know. ... Like how much looks aren't everything. Like how my body is capable of things that are so outrageous that a miracle is the only plausible explanation. ... Little baby roloff: you're so worth it.

If you scroll through her social media, you can also tell that Tori routinely lifts up the women around her, showing her appreciation for the group of women that support her and giving them a boost in promoting their businesses on social media.

Tori and Zach are clearly excited to be raising baby Jackson, and hopefully as Little People, Big World continues, we'll get to see Tori turn into the ultimate feminist mom as her son grows up.