Tori Roloff Shares Bittersweet Update On Newborn Daughter Lilah

by Gillian Walters

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff and her husband, Zach Roloff, welcomed their second child on Nov. 19. Since then, Tori has shared a few pics of their daughter, Lilah, including her first moments after coming home from the hospital. As if those snaps weren't heartwarming enough, Tori Roloff's update on baby Lilah is full of emotion.

Tori and Zach's baby is fitting into her family swimmingly, with her big brother, Jackson, adorably monitoring her eating habits, while pet dog Murphy has been keeping watch over her crib. Things have gone so well, in fact, it feels as if Lilah was a member of the family all along. Tori touched on this sentiment in an update on the baby shared Tuesday, marveling at how much has changed already. "I feel like her face has already changed! Time slow down!"

I think many parents can agree with this feeling, especially those who've just welcomed a baby. Newborns are constantly changing, even when all you want is for time to stand still.

This isn't the first time Tori has experienced this bittersweet emotion, as she first opened up about it in September alongside a grownup looking photo of Jackson. "It gets me all emotional when I look at this photo and I can hardly see my baby boy any more- instead a confident kid has taken his place," she captioned the adorable shot.

Of course, Tori still has plenty of time to relish these sweet moments with baby Lilah. The little one is not even two weeks old yet, and Tori has a wonderful partner to see her through these upcoming milestones. Speaking of Zach, Tori gave him major props the other day in her Instagram Stories. "Both kids sleeping away," she captioned a cute photo of Jackson and Lilah snoozing away. "Killin the parent game with Zach Roloff."

So although these upcoming months with Lilah will include plenty of bittersweet moments, it seems like the good times will overshadow them. Here's to making more memories!