Parents Can 100% Relate To Zach & Tori Roloff's Rough Time Getting A Christmas Tree

Parents of multiple children will be the first to tell you: There's a bit of a learning curve going from one to two kids. Instead of focusing all of your time and energy on one child, you're constantly being tugged in multiple directions at the same time. Outings can be particularly unpredictable and rough — especially for rookies. Which is why Tori and Zach Roloff's recent Christmas tree trip with their two young kids is so darn relatable.

The Little People, Big World couple recently welcomed their second child together; Tori gave birth to a baby girl named Lilah on Nov. 21. And less than two weeks after their baby girl was born, Zach and Tori embarked on a festive family holiday outing. And let's just say it didn't quite pan out the way they had imagined.

"BARELY survived getting our Christmas tree today," Tori captioned a photo of her family of four posing together while bundled up and standing in the snow. "Did not dress for snow or rain. Mom couldn’t walk well in the snow. Jackson wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus and almost gave himself a concussion trying to get away."

The new mom of two went on to share that Lilah and her daddy were the only ones who "held it together" during the outing. "Big parenting lesson today... But we did it," she continued. "Got our tree. Now to sleep the rest of the day away."

Thankfully, the majority of Tori's Instagram followers were there to offer words of encouragement following the Roloffs' less-than-ideal Christmas tree outing. One Instagram user commented, "Well done. You deserve a rest in the warmth now lovely." Another person wrote, "I always look forward to your posts!! I really admire and adore you and your family! Thanks for sharing all of you with all of us!!!" Yet another Instagram follower chimed in with, "So precious Tori! You got this mama!"

Still, others decided it was the perfect time to criticize the new mom for getting out of the house out "so soon" with her newborn. One Instagram user declared, "You should be resting for 40 days and not be in the cold." Another follower commented, "Woww it's [too] soon to be out and about girl... but cute."

Fun fact: there is no set time new moms and newborns should hide away at home. As pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu wrote for BabyCenter: "... There's no medical reason not to take a healthy baby out of the house... Fresh air and a change of pace can be good for people of any age, including babies. It's exposure to other people that can cause a baby to become sick."

As you can clearly see in Tori's photo, baby Lilah's head is covered with an adorable hat. Plus she's she's soaking up her mama's warmth in a baby carrier. And I'm guessing they probably had a blanket for her when they weren't posing for a photo. In other words, they're perfectly fine.

As for Jackson not being a fan of Santa and the family not expecting rain/snow? Well, that's the thing about life with kids. Oftentimes, parents have visions of perfect bliss in their minds when it comes to fun, family activities, but reality can sometimes be radically different. You learn to just roll with the punches — and some days, merely surviving it all is good enough.