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These Cool Yogi Skeleton Air Plants Are Only $6 At TJ's — Namaste, Witches

As you cruise the aisles at Trader Joe’s looking to stock up on Bloody Mary Salsa or Pumpkin Butter this season, you might find a sweetly scary sight, too. Trader Joe’s is selling these creepy (yet somewhat calming) Tillandsia Yogi Skeleton Air Plants that can make an adorable addition to your Halloween décor.

Halloween is all about the skeletons. And really, what’s cuter than one with a spiky plant sprouting from its head? Not much, folks. Even if you’re not really into skeletons, their small size adds to their charm. Trader Joe’s is selling them in two poses, Easy Pose (Sukhasana) and Easy Pose Hands to Heart (Sukhasana Hands To Heart) for only $6 a pop. Both of these moves are meant to help you find peace and tranquility, the Yoga Journal explained.

As for these planters, well, they’re totally bad to the bone (sorry). But this isn’t the grocery store’s first foray into the creepy world of Halloween-themed products. In fact, Trader Joe’s had a collection of colorful skull planters last year. Similar to the skeletons, the bright and bold skulls had spiky plants (succulents) shooting out from their heads. The main difference is that last year’s design had a more colorful Dia de los Muertos vibe, while this year’s yogis are, well, bone-colored as you can see in Instagram user @pugmar's snap below:

If your green thumb has killed more than a plant or two in its day, testing it out with an air plant just might be your segue back into shovels and soil. As far as perennials go, air plants are pretty indestructible, reported Better Homes & Gardens. They grow without any kind of earth. They just need some good air circulation and should be spritzed with water once (maybe twice) a week in order to thrive. The plants need partial shade though, so be sure to avoid full sun. And for those curious about its name, Tillandsia is the botanical term for air plants, of which there are around 500 species or so, according to The Spruce.

Because of their small size, these spooky skeletons can find a spot nearly anywhere in your home — just keep it high enough where your child can't reach it, because they'll definitely want to play with it. Or bring it with you to work if you want to add some holiday kitsch to your cubicle.

And maybe, just maybe, the skeleton yogi serves as a reminder to slow down. Like most mamas, I find that things rev up right at the start of school season and pretty much don’t wind down until after New Year’s. Perhaps this tiny decoration is meant to inspire us to not take things too seriously and to just breathe.

Or, take it for what it is: a really cute, affordable decorative Halloween piece from your favorite grocery store.

Whether or not you feel like you're already stocked with all the ghosts, goblins, and skeletons you need for Halloween, the Trader Joe’s Tillandsia Yogi Skeleton Air Plants might have you convincing yourself that you definitely have room for a couple more.

Namaste, witches.