Y'all, Forget Your Sprinkler — This Product *Easily* Turns Your Pick-Up Into A Pool

Some of the best inventions are built out of necessity. While some might say that having a pool is not a necessity, parents of restless kids in the middle of summer may disagree. When the hot summer sun is beating down and your little one is begging to go swimming, the incessant asking might force any parent to take matters into their own hands to create a swimming solution perfect for staving off summertime heat. That is exactly what happened when dad and active duty Air Force service member Tommy Prestella created Pick-up Pools — a product that allows you to make the bed of your pick-up truck into a swimming pool.

If you think this looks like something you might see a bunch of fraternity guys doing in their front lawn while doing keg stands and watching the big game, you're not far off. In reality, this is the coolest summer parenting hack since the invention of the slip-and-slide, and this Texas girl living in the land of pick-up trucks is totally here for it.

In 2014, Prestella's daughter was disappointed with another day playing in the yard with only a water sprinkler and told her dad she wanted to swim in a big pool. Ever the inventive dad, Prestella rigged a tarp into the back of his pick-up truck using ropes and cords to fill it with water and created a make-shift pool for his daughter. After wrestling with the tarp and ropes, he knew there must be an easier way to create this type of set-up. When he was unable to find anything online to suit his needs, Prestella designed Pick-up Pools.

No pool? No problem. At least not when you have a Pick-up Pool. Made to fit securely in truck beds of most sizes, the vinyl covering lays into the bed of your truck and stretches snuggly up over the side to create a pool base which water can be pumped into via water hose. The Pick-up Pool holds water in and allows you to enjoy playing in the water wherever you are.

Not only will your kids be thrilled to have a pool of their own to splash in, they'll also be well contained in one place, which makes keeping an eye on them much easier. Adults can enjoy the benefit of having a place to cool off as well.

Pick-up Pools are sold through the product's website and pricing varies depending on which size Pick-up Pool you need (based on the size of your truck bed), but all are under $250. Which is much more cost-effective than installing a pool in your backyard, and you can take it with you anywhere your truck can go.

Basically if you have a pick-up truck, you can also have a pool with this unique product. When not in use, the Pick-up Pool folds up to a size that is approximately the same as a large beach towel and can be stored on a garage or closet shelf. Then, break it out at home whenever you want to have a pool party in your driveway, or take it with you to campsites, on beach trips, at summer festivals, tailgating, or wherever else you might want to have a pop-up pool party. You can also use your truck bed as a giant ice chest with this unique product.

As a military-owned business, all Pick-up Pools are made in America. According to the product's website, Pick-up Pools have even been used by some of the brave men and women serving in our armed forces so that they can have a much deserved break and cool off in scorching temperatures. The Pick-up Pools website states, "If our pools are tough enough to survive a war-zone, then they're tough enough to survive your next tailgate party." As a parent, I would say this means they also pass the kid-tough test as well and should stand up to whatever your toddler may have in store during swim time.