Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes
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I Am *Here* For Twitter's Reactions To Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston At The Globes

In the world's cutest speech, Brad Pitt made a Titanic joke at Leonardo DiCaprio, gave a cute nod to the media vis a vis why he didn't bring his mom to the ceremony, and ended with a piece of advice for everyone to "be kind." But the camera couldn't resist panning to crowd reactions while he spoke — most notably to his first wife. And very quickly, tweets about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the 2020 Golden Globes filled the world's timelines. Y'all, they're funny. And also are maybe what all of us were thinking.

Look, it's 2020. It's been quite some time since Aniston and Pitt split up (Team Jen, forever), and it's even been a couple of years since Pitt and Angelina Jolie split, and then Aniston and Justin Theroux. Nobody's quite ready to shout that these two actors should get back together or anything, but there's obviously some history here, and the connection between the two will always be there. Do they politely wave when they see each other at these things? Do they make eye contact? Is it like high school where someone says, "Oh sh*t, Jen, don't turn around, he's right there"? Or do they just wait until the other one is on stage and have the camera get all their best looks?

Twitter says it's the latter.

"Jennifer Aniston giving an approving smirk while Reese Witherspoon looking disgusted at Brad Pitt’s #GoldenGlobes speech perfectly encapsulates every friendship after a guy has cheated," tweeted Page Six reporter Francesca Bacardi. "Always going for that second chance while the bff disapproves!!

This one's my favorite. The camera was trying to make it look like it only cared about DiCaprio's face, but everyone knows what that operator was really trying to zoom in on. Look at her face. You guys, maybe love and time do heal all.

Actual footage of me.

"The way y’all are shocked because jennifer aniston clapped for brad pitt.... she’s not the one to be spiteful and hold grudges," spoke up user @charlizethvron. "My elegant queen."

Or maybe she's just a nice human being. That, my friend, is closure.