Bob D'Amico/ABC

Dean Isn't Getting Much Love From Twitter On 'Paradise'

Do you guys remember when we all loved Dean and wanted him to be the next Bachelor? I sure do. But this isn't The Bachelorette anymore and times are different. Tweets about Dean on Bachelor in Paradise prove the fan love has changed. He's not the sweetheart we all fell in love with at the beginning. And boy are people really letting him have it on social media. Tragically, Dean has proven himself to be that guy that is stringing along your coolest most beautiful friend and no matter how many times you tell your friend that they are so much better than this, they keep answering his text messages. Sure, he might have some good qualities. But he is also awful. Kristina is all of our best friend. And Twitter is you, grabbing that girl by the shoulders and screaming at her that Dean does not deserve her.

The good part of about all of this are the glorious, glorious jokes on Twitter. Because they are never-ending and they are giving Dean the dragging he so richly deserves. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for Dean. Hopefully the next time he decides to start dating someone, he won't string her along or make out with someone else a few feet from where she is sitting.

Basically what happened was when they first arrived in Paradise, Dean and Kristina immediately hit it off, and all of Bachelor Nation rejoiced. We loved Kristina on Nick's season. We loved Dean on Rachel's season. Look at these two beautiful people finding each other! They even road-tripped to Kristina's hometown in Kentucky when production stalled. And then Danielle L arrived in Paradise and Dean started saying things like, Kristina's more interesting but D Lo is so hot (because Kristina isn't?). And then the world groaned as one.

I tried to defend Dean for a long time. I really really did. I thought hey, this is Paradise. Aren't they supposed to date around? But Dean just kept on. He never committed to either Danielle or Kristina and frankly, by the time Kristina finally took herself home, we were ready for it. And very much over all of the Dean love. It's truly unfortunate because Dean could have been one of the few great guys we've seen on this show. I don't like to be disappointed by my heroes, but that's life I suppose. At least we'll always have Wells.