Keith and Iris posing together on 'Married at first Sight'

I Love Iris On 'Married At First Sight' But Twitter Is Tired

by Esme Mazzeo

I've been a fan of Iris on Married At First Sight since Week 1, but things are starting to look rocky in her marriage to Keith. He's ever the patient gentleman, but if she really wants to make her marriage work she has to recognize some hard truths. Tweets about Iris on Married At First Sight reveal that many fans think she needs to grow up for her marriage to last.

To be fair, Iris seems to be aware that some aspects of her life make her a little bit difficult to deal with. She is an only child, so while discussing her marriage with the other couples at the couple's retreat, Iris admitted she has struggled with shifting her self-centered mindset.

Keith has mentioned in video confessionals to producers and in private conversations with his mother that he's worried about Iris' emotional maturity and he's not sure if he's happy with her. On a recent episode, the couple was challenged to share a secret with each other to help build intimacy between them. Iris totally misses the point when she told Keith about the time she swallowed a quarter as a kid. For an adult, that should be more funny than intimate and the internet as a whole was not impressed.

Twitter users in general seem kind of over Iris, if I'm being honest.

Fans are just watching this on TV, and obviously nobody knows what's really going on in a marriage except for the people in that marriage. That doesn't mean there aren't some observable issues.

On the couples' retreat in which all four couples got together for a long weekend, Beth gave viewers insight into what Iris and Keith's marriage looks like up close. "Keith and Iris right now are really hard to read together," Beth confessed. "They make it look like they're happy, but I'm trying to guess if they really are or not. Because, their words say one thing but their body language is saying another thing."

To be fair, maybe Iris is simply particularly uncomfortable in front of the camera. It's one thing to sign up to be married at first sight. It's quite another to be living with cameras in your face as you are trying to get to know a stranger. Some fans on Twitter have mused that perhaps Iris' immaturity is just her making herself feel safe. But nobody seems to think Keith is overjoyed at how everything has been going.

Iris has every right to learn and grow at her own pace, and fans don't see what happens off-screen. It's possible that Iris is making private strides with Keith when the cameras are off. But if that were the case, I'm inclined to think Keith would seem happier on-screen and Iris would naturally start to open up and become more comfortable.

The experiment is coming to an end, and I'm still rooting for Iris and Keith. I'm just no longer convinced that they'd both be happy if the marriage were to continue.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.