J. Lo and Shakira on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show brought a sense of unity.
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That Shakira & J. Lo Halftime Performance Is All I Ever Need, & Twitter Agrees

Hi, I was born in 1988, which means in my prime pre-teen and teenage days, my ears were constantly hearing powerful women on the radio, and to this day, I can not hear a single J. Lo or Shakira song without immediately being transported back to my 14-year-old self. Apparently I'm not alone, because Sunday night the tweets about Shakira and J. Lo's Super Bowl halftime performance were as gushing as you imagine they'd be.

I mean, who does not have a serious crush on these two women? The energy they brought to this night! The incredible singing and dancing and electric performance! The reminder that 14-year-old you could do absolutely anything you wanted because belting J. Lo and Shakira at the top of your lungs gave you that confidence.

(No, seriously. As I write this, I'm about to put on my yoga pants — like the real ones I don't wear to bed — and fire up my zumba DVDs. If anyone can make you want to get up and dance and shake your hips and fly your hair around, it's J. Lo and Shakira.)

Now, let's get loud, Twitter:

"We might have a Super Bowl without people b*tching about the halftime show," one fan tweeted. "It took J-Lo and Shakira to unite the country."

Another said, "reminder: shakira turned 43 today and j-lo is 50 we have our whole lives to get sh*t done, ladies."

Elizabeth Banks tweeted, "All I ever wanted #JLoSuperBowl #50 is the new JLO."

Truly, that entire halftime show was just inspiring and wild and amazing. Watching these two women — both mothers, by the way — absolutely own it on stage made me want to cry. They were confident and powerful and strong, and their subtle nod to patriotism — like real patriotism — along with J. Lo's daughter joining her on stage was just... oof. *chef's kiss.*

Also, yeah... 43 and 50. Why any of us were ever worried about being on some 30 under 30 list is beyond me.

As Billy Eichner put it, "That was very enjoyable."


Khloe Kardashian said, "They are having fun!!!! Yesssssss!!! That was a halftime show!!!!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! Their energy just gave me energy!!! Fan girling for sure!!!"

Fan girling! Me, too, Koko. Me too. The way I felt after this performance was the equivalent of heading into a bar bathroom after too many rum and Cokes and having a stranger point out that you have mascara on your cheek. Just good looking out for all of us. Shakira and J. Lo are the women's bar bathroom, and they want to make sure you know you're worthy, girl. Also, your tag's out on your dress.

Viewers were feeling it, like one who wrote, "Ok so watching J Lo with her daughter, those kids singing and that flag on stage gave me all the feels."

Another said, "Why is the #SuperBowlLIV halftime show trying to make me cry right now???!"


Truly, beyond the spectacular dancing and singing, there was an undercurrent of love and emotion through these performances. Sporting events always bring a sense of unity, but J. Lo and Shakira brought people even closer.