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Tweets About Tim Kaine's Eyebrows At Vice President Debate Show They Are The Real Winners

The vice presidential debate got a little contentious on Tuesday night but the tweets about Tim Kaine's eyebrows make it clear that the candidate's facial hair was the real winner, not matter what the analysts say. Seriously, though, Kaine's eyebrows have a life of their own. If you ever want to know what the mild mannered Virginia senator is thinking, just look up.

His eyebrows captivated viewers on Twitter, who were transfixed with the movement of the left brow in particular, which goes up and down in perfect harmony with everything that Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said that he disagrees with. This isn't the first time that Kaine's eyebrows have captivated an audience. Way back in 2006, at the State of the Union, the left brow wowed viewers with its expressiveness, according to Slate.

If you find yourself mesmerized by their movement, you're not alone. The hard part is that the brow dance is one of those things that once you notice it, you just can't stop watching. You can see nothing else. In fact, you might even find yourself taking bets on guessing when it moves. That's expert Kaine-watching right there. It might be one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton and Kaine are never really in the same room together — she probably can't stop watching the brows either.

Kaine's eyebrows were a little distracting, but they also give the guy a little personality. Because let's face it: Kaine is pretty boring. Sure, he plays the harmonica and likes to fist bump a lot, but other than he's pretty mild mannered (I mean, except for some of his patronizing statements about being the manly support for Clinton and his view on abortion that evolved a little too slowly ).

Maybe that's just how they do it in Virginia. Kaine doesn't mind being boring though. He told CNN that he agrees that he's boring. He then added, "but boring is the fastest-growing demographic in this country." Just as fast as Kaine's eyebrows grow apparently.

Because those brows are the loudest thing about Kaine. They alone could support Clinton in the Oval Office, which is what he thinks his role should be. In Kaine's opening statement, he said, "my primary role is to be Hillary Clinton’s right hand person and strong supporter as she puts together the most historic administration possible, and I relish that role. I’m so proud of her."

Those are some kind words for his running mate. But who knows if anyone was listening with those brows shimmying and shaking all night.