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Fans Have Strong Opinions About Hannah B. As The Next 'Bachelorette'

by Chrissy Bobic

Bachelor fans had been waiting for weeks for the official Bachelorette announcement to come. There were rumors that the list was narrowed down to a handful of women from Colton's season and there were plenty of theories floating around about who might be chosen. In the end, Hannah B. was given the all important job of following her own Bachelorette journey, but Twitter reactions to Hannah B. as the next Bachelorette prove there are mixed feelings.

After seeing Hannah B. talk to Chris Harrison on the "After the Final Rose" finale special, some fans were ready to start watching The Bachelorette already. For others, it took seeing Hannah B. giggle her way through her first mini rose ceremony to decide that they might not be able to handle an entire season of her. Personally, I think Hannah B. has been endearing and she could make a relatable Bachelorette. And while she did leave The Bachelor brokenhearted, she doesn't have as much emotional baggage from his season that others might. This could make for a fun and exciting season of The Bachelorette.

However, there are others who were so sure Caelynn or Hannah G. was going to be picked that this was like a slap in the face. There are definitely some mixed, but strong, reactions all around.

Hannah B. got a lot of attention on The Bachelor this season for continuing her Miss U.S.A. feud with fellow Bachelor contestant Caelynn on the show. Despite having once been friends, they weren't wild about seeing each other in The Bachelor Mansion. Because of the inevitable drama that ensued, Hannah B. was definitely one of the more memorable contestants and some fans expected and looked forward to hearing that she would be the next Bachelorette.

Hannah B. also had her more positive moments that didn't include breaking about the "Hannah Beast" growl, though it did spawn tons of memes that will live forever in Bachelor infamy. Hannah B. always had a smile on her face and a bright personality which, if you ask fans on Twitter, every Bachelorette should have in some capacity.

Some fans just took to Hannah B. right away and are ready to fight any naysayers. And by fight I mean have words with them over a computer screen, but it still shows that there are some dedicated Hannah B. supporters.

On the flipside, however, some fans are kind of over Hannah B. And for them, the icing on the cake was seeing how awkward and inexperienced she might be as the next Bachelorette when she met some of her suitors on "After the Final Rose." Others might call it relatable and endearing, but those opposed to Hannah B. aren't having it.

Some of the rumored Bachelorette finalists included Tayshia and Hannah G. and some Bachelor fans would have preferred either of them over Hannah B. After some of these fans saw The Bachelor as a season of disappointments, they expected and hoped for a different Bachelorette.

Hannah B. might not be the Bachelorette that every fan wanted, but she's the one we got. She didn't make it as far as hometown dates, but she put in the time and gave Bachelor fans some juicy drama that in any other season would have resulted in an epic two-on-one date. Hannah B. went through the heartbreak of The Bachelor and paid her dues before being chosen for The Bachelorette.

Maybe it will be a learning curve for her to get the hang of being the star of the show rather than a contestant, but I'm sure that can be said for most former Bachelorette leads. So until May arrives, Roll Tide.