Two Moms Confess Everything They've Done While Pooping, & You'll Pee Yourself Laughing

Do you remember all of those scintillating conversations you used to have before parenting happened? Me too. I have a sneaking suspicion that I used to be a smart woman, the sort of person who could speak eloquently about the issues of the day. And then children happened. And, shortly after, the poop talk started. It happens to the best of us, and these moms venting about poop talk (and the frequency of said conversation) is simply the sad reality that is mom-ing. Yeah, sh*t happens — like, a lot.

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the two Santa Monica, California-based mothers behind the video web series I Mom So Hard. The two friends began documenting their lives as mothers and wives in 2016. According to their bios, they have "four kids, two husbands, three dogs, minimally two glasses of wine" between them.

Hensley and Smedley have managed to cover a whole lot of territory in one year, all of it riveting and too true for comfort. The impossible bathing suit trends of summer 2017, body hair woes, lying to their husbands, and Spanx — all of the things actual moms are talking about on the regular. But it turns out we're probably talking about one thing a little too often: Poop.

And not just kid poop either; Hensley and Smedley went rogue and talked about that taboo thing we're not supposed to talk about but obviously do all the time. Our own bodily functions at the back door, plus anyone else's if needs be.

"S--t happens. And if you are a mom you are gonna talk about, clean it, inspect it, take pictures of it and hopefully get a minute alone to do it yourself," they captioned an Instagram photo linking to the video.

While many of us moms might have once been terribly discreet about the whole thing, Hensley and Smedley noted there comes a point when you become completely desensitized. As they said in the hilarious clip:

Yeah, you’ll be talking to a coworker and be like, "Hey, did that Thai food we have yesterday give you the sh*ts?." They’re horrified, but you’re like, "what?"

Hensley wisely noted that it's tough to hold on to any sense of decorum when you're never left alone to do your business in private. She revealed:

As a mom, I have sat on a toilet while pooping. I have had to fix a toy, I’ve had to get a straw in a juice box, I’ve had to assemble train track. Like, you don’t just get a break to do it.

The two moms, whose videos have been viewed more than 5 million times, have been getting reactions to their latest outing almost as hilarious as their own stories. Apparently more than a few people were watching this very video while... well, you know.

Facebook user Katie Chance wrote, "Watching this while I poop! Lol! Thanks for giving me something entertaining for my 11 min window!"

"My child literally walked up to me pooping while watching this," another viewer commented. "Also, can we mention how LONG it takes men compared to women? I don't understand it. The hubs is in there for a good 20 minutes to poop."

It seems poop is a reality and the gals from I Mom So Hard aren't afraid to tackle it head on, and give everyone a much-needed laugh while they're at it. Because someone might as well get something out of all this poop, am I right?

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