Tyler Baltierra Defends Catelynn's Decision To Stop Breastfeeding

This couple is all too familiar with being judged or shamed in some way thanks to their time spent on MTV's 16 & Pregnant and its spin-offs, Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG. But the parents have since matured, and it's clear they no longer have any patience for their haters. Case in point: Tyler Baltierra defended Catelynn's breastfeeding decision with a pointed reminder to critics that moms know best.

As Us Weekly reported Monday, Tyler sent out a preemptive tweet after his wife announced on the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG that she was considering not breastfeeding now 5-month-old Vaeda, the couple's third child.

“It’s hard,” Catelynn told her husband in the episode, according to Us Weekly. “People always post the wonderful things about breast-feeding… but they don’t mention that you have your kid stuck to you for 24 hours or you’re afraid they’re not getting enough [milk] or they want to eat 60 times a day or about the bleeding nipples.”

Catelynn told her spouse she was feeling worried as to whether she was balancing her own wellness with the rigors of nursing, stating, according to Pop Culture: "... It’s hard for me to even schedule my own therapy because it’s an hour and a half there... [It's just] feeling like you can't go anywhere...Breastfeeding is hard and it's not for everybody."

The new mom expressed worry about possibly being judged as selfish for the decision, but Tyler quelled her fears immediately. “You’re a great mom," he said, according to Us Weekly. "You’re going to do whatever is best for you and the baby, period." Well-said.

Baltierra followed up by posting the clip on Twitter, alongside his message for critics: "Vaeda is the happiest, healthiest little baby I have ever seen! So, a little advice to all of you 'Pinterest Perfect Parents,' If that baby didn’t develop in your uterus, you don’t have a right to say what’s best for that baby. PERIOD. #FedisBest."

Of course, I'm sure Tyler didn't mean to exclude foster or adoptive parents with his statements, especially since he placed his own child for adoption at age 16. With that being said, I agree parents should have the final say where it concerns theirs children. The details of how you raise your kids should be up to you, despite the current mom-shaming trend that has taken over social media.

On the topic of shaming, it looks like most people on Twitter actually agreed with the reality star.

"Look breast is best but you have to choose what works best for you and your child. No person should be judged based on how they feed their child when there are children out there starving because parents don't care. [Also] for Cate she shouldn't do something that tests her mentally," wrote one user.

This couple has certainly been through hard things before, having placed their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption in 2009, as Us Weekly noted, and having struggled since then to build a bond with her and her adoptive family, as People noted.

The pair had second child Novalee 2015, the same year they wed, Us added, and additionally welcomed the new baby after a miscarriage. Catelynn has struggled with depression, according to E! News, making it all the more important that she focuses on her own mental health.

Being a new mom can be hard and breastfeeding is a demanding job, so I sympathize with Catelynn's struggle. And I think her family is doing wonderfully, as they've demonstrated an ability to handle tough times amid growth and change. They'll do just fine, and so will little Vaeda.