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Tyler Wins America's Favorite Houseguest On 'Big Brother'

Tyler didn't win Big Brother 20, but he didn't leave the show empty-handed. He got a new girlfriend, he won the second place prize of $50,000, and Tyler won America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother. The best part about watching Tyler find out on live TV that he won the other coveted prize of the season had to be the look of sheer disbelief on his face. He seemed like he was the most surprised out of anyone, imagining that everyone hated him. It really was endearing — kind of proving America's point.

Tyler was behind many evictions over the course of the summer, even when he wasn't the head of household himself. In doing so, he made a few enemies — but definitely not as many as you might think. That’s saying a lot when you consider past players like Paul Abrahamian, who played a similar game with loyal houseguests, but burned too many bridges along the way. And it says a lot about Tyler that he was so surprised himself that he won the fan vote this season. He told Entertainment Weekly that before finale night, he was sure that viewers didn't even like him and that he was "playing too sketchy." Oh, you sweet summer child.

"That was the biggest shock for me, and that honestly feels like a win," he told Entertainment Weekly, of winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. "Honestly. I really was so worried this whole season that America hated me. I thought I was going to be the most disliked houseguest in there."

He said that despite worrying that America hated him, he tried to play his hardest and most loyal game possible. It didn't get him the $500,000 grand prize, but he did go home with $75,000 and that’s not bad either. "It’s a really good feeling to know America had my back, I guess," he added. "It’s surreal."

Following the Big Brother finale, Tyler spoke to Off the Block’s Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur in the backyard and reiterated his disbelief at winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. He said that it was the "best moment" of his life, even if he didn't win the grand prize, and that he’s still happy for Kaycee. Although Tyler was sure that fans at home weren't taking his Big Brother strategy that well, Twitter was in support of Tyler winning time and again. If anyone was surprised that he won America’s Favorite Houseguest, it was likely because they’d expected him to win first place at the end.

For me, it was a toss up between Tyler and Kaycee. They had both played incredible games of their own and I didn't expect either of them to be considered for America’s Favorite Player, solely because as a fan, I knew that one of them was going to take home $500,000 and the other would take home $50,000 anyway. So I focused my attention on other memorable houseguests like Brett, who called himself "el cockroach" because for a time, it seemed like he could not be evicted. I also liked Swaggy C, who might have rubbed some people the wrong way but whose confidence was kind of infectious. Then there was Sam, who’d stolen hearts at the start of the seat as SamBot and was like the den mother of the Big Brother house.

Fans also came up with the hashtag #SummerOfSteve because they felt that Steve was unfairly sent home too early. But no one was as surprised with Tyler’s win as he was. And I’d say that leaving Big Brother five figures richer, with a girlfriend and bunch of new best friends isn't a bad way to end the summer.