How ‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Has Over 80,000 Instagram Followers

McKayla from Season 1 of Unexpected is back for Season 2. Her son, Timmy, is now eight months old — and she suspects that she's pregnant again. Unexpected star McKayla's Instagram shows her life as a teen mom and, according to some fans, hints that she is indeed pregnant again.

For the most part, McKayla posts primarily what her other cast members post: photos of her baby. It'd be pretty hard not to. Timmy is a very cute kid, after all. Unlike some other teen moms on Unexpected, though, McKayla's Instagram is part of her emerging brand. She has around 80,000 followers on her account as well as over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, McKayla Atkins. Her video titled "How I found out I was 16 and pregnant" has garnered over one million views so far.

McKayla's content is focused on her life as a teen mother, and it seems like she really wants others to get a glimpse of what life is actually like when you have a baby at 16. Her Instagram account is no different; while it doesn't have the vlog content of her YouTube page, she's not hesitant to show off her son and growing family. Here are some things I noticed from her account.

Timmy Is Her First Priority

Most of McKayla's Instagram photos are of — no surprise — Timmy, her one-year-old son. She even made a separate Instagram account for Timmy to document how he's growing. While McKayla was juggling school and creating videos for YouTube, it seems that her baby was still her number one priority.

She's An Expert At Taking Selfies

I believe the best selfie takers are teenagers, and McKayla is proving my point. Whether through Snapchat filters or no filter at all, McKayla posts a lot of selfies. As Timmy is growing, so is she; not only as a teenager into an adult, but as a mother. It's interesting to see how she matures along with her son.

She Loves Changing Her Hairstyle

Taking a glance at McKayla's feed, fans will definitely notice one thing: every few photos she has a different hairstyle! They're not her own hair, though. In some photos McKayla's wearing a blonde wig, where it seems that her natural hair is kept in a shorter style.

She Has A Huge YouTube Channel

In addition to posting on Instagram and being on Unexpected, McKayla also runs her own YouTube channel. There, she posts "juicy" catch up Q&As as well as vlogs of "mommy life." Appearing on TLC lets McKayla (and Caelan and Timmy) show others the reality of being teen parents. In fact, it's probably a more accurate representation than a curated Instagram feed.

She And Caelan Are Co-Parenting

While McKayla and Caelan may have broken up at some point, it seems that they are back together and both taking care of Timmy. While there aren't as many photos of Caelan on McKayla's Instagram as there are of she and Timmy, that's probably just because she and her son are together every second (and it's always easier to take selfies than to take couple shots, am I right?).

She *May* Be Expecting Another Child

Between several beach day photos and a beach day vlog, some interpret McKayla's belly rubbing to mean that she is indeed pregnant again. Viewers will find out for sure as the season progresses but if YouTube comments are any indication, some people are already in the know (she has since disabled comments on Instagram).

Fans can catch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.