a roundup of unicorn-themed products for back to school

These 17 Unicorn School Supplies Will Make Homework A Magical Adventure

There’s nothing like the crisp crack of a new notebook’s spine, the zip of a mint backpack, or a fresh pencil case free of ink smudges and eraser dust. Whether your kids are going to school in-person or you’re opting for at-home learning, they’ll need some new gear — and unicorn school supplies are all the rage. Why not make the start of the year a little extra majestic?

It's hard to know exactly what the school year holds, but one thing's for sure: We could all use a little magic right now (and if someone told me unicorns were real, it'd be one of the less surprising things I've heard this year). From sequin backpacks to pencil cases and even 2020's newest school supply, face masks for kids, these products all deliver on the unicorn-front while helping your children stay organized. Plus, who doesn't want to learn facts or do math on a unicorn calculator or index cards?

With a range of price-points on this list, there's something for every budget (because only you know if your little one has a tendency to destroy that pricey backpack they had to have). And we've gone beyond basic supplies to include pompoms, lunch solutions, and even an iPad case (but you'd better get shopping, because this stuff is guaranteed to sell out fast).

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article


A Hardback Notebook

This hardcover notebook featuring playful unicorns against a pink background is sturdy enough to get thrown in the backpack every day. You get to decide if you wanted unlined, lined, or bulleted paper, and this also comes in a soft cover option for $20.99.


A Pom Pom Pen

I've had my heart set on a pom pom pen ever since I saw Cher with one in Clueless. This black-ink ballpoint has a fuzzy top plus a unicorn head that may actually make your kid want to pick up a pen and finish their homework.


A Stationary Set

Everything a kid needs for a majestical school day comes in this cute pencil case. The set includes 12 pencils (you can choose between pink, purple, or green erasers), three unicorn erasers, a pen that comes with retractable ink in a bunch of colors, plus a small sharpener.


A Backpack & Lunch Bag Set

Whether or not they're going to and from school, it's still nice to have a backpack for keep books and notes in one place. Finished with iridescent sequins and a sparkly unicorn horn, these backpack and lunch bag set is ideal for days on-the-go (even if you only make it as far as the backyard).


The New School Supply: A Mask

Like it or not, masks are now part of the back to school supply list, especially if your child will be attending in-person school. This one features a dancing unicorn and is made, as the graphic suggest, by a Black-owned company. It comes in two sizes: extra small which should git ages 3-7, and small for ages 8-12.


A Kit With A Ruler

You'll get a whole lot of supplies for under $10 with this kit that includes a ruler, pencil, eraser, sharpener, notebook, and mini notepad. Claire's always delivers on the trendy, glittery options, and this unicorn set is no exception.


A Personalized Pencil Case

The only thing better than unicorns is rainbows and unicorns, and this Pottery Barn pencil case delivers. It keeps pens organized but can also be used to as a makeup holder or a travel toiletry case. Plus, for an extra $12 you can get this monogrammed with your child's name or initials.


Metallic Backpack

So you may not think a metallic unicorn backpack screams, "subtle," but this one with it's lowkey horn and ears against a solid purple background actually is kind of understated in a fun way. It has two compartments and a side water bottle holder, plus it's made with 70% recycled polyester so it can be easily wiped clean.


New Kicks

It may not be notebooks or cute erasers, but nothing says "new school year," like a pair of fresh shoes. Unicorn fans will flip for these cool Converse high-tops in a multicolor unicorn print.


A Pen That Doubles As A Figurine

Unicorn-lovers may want to play with this pen more than they want to do worksheets because it looks just like a little figurine when the cap is on. Every letter they make will get infused with a bit of magic from this black ink ballpoint pen.


A Unicorn Calculator

Even algebra becomes irresistible with this unicorn calculator featuring big eyes and a colorful horn. This calc can handle all basic functions, plus it comes with the appropriate battery so you save a trip to the store.


A Pencil Sharpener

One of the things I vividly remember from elementary school was how freeing it was to be able to stand at anytime to go sharpen my pencil. Kids can keep this in their case for sharpening anywhere, or if you're doing remote learning, you could keep the sharpener across the room; I guarantee they'll have the sharpest pencils around.


Index Cards

Learning flashcards is a breeze with this two-ringed index card holder featuring a unicorn as the first card. It's so cute they'll want to memorize state capitals and the quadratic equation.


A Binder

This rainbow unicorn option is so fun your child won't even mind if it "explodes", as we used to call the phenomenon when the rings can't hold any more and pop open, sending papers everywhere. This lightweight option is made from recycled paper fiber and is designed to fit easily in most backpacks.


An iPad Case

This iPad case has the chic iridescent sparkle of so many unicorns without the horn or any other defining feature. It's made of rubberized plastic and PU leather which offers a layer of full protection. Plus, even though the case is textured, there should be minimal to no fallout, so you won't be finding unicorn dust all over the house.


A Laptop Decal

It's easier than you'd think for the wrong laptop to get grabbed and tossed in a backpack at the end of the day. Help your kid's computer to stand out and remind them to "have a magical day" with this sturdy vinyl sticker. It's waterproof and won't bubble, so you don't have to worry about it peeling off the second week of school (it can even be used for water bottles).


A Roomy Tote

This handmade canvas bag features a dancer and a little peek of a unicorn's face. Great for kids who are toting a lighter load, the double-strapped tote is the right size for carrying the essentials, Plus, the monogram means your child will always know which bag is theirs.