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This New Podcast Shines A Bright Light On The Hard Parts Of Motherhood — LISTEN

When it comes to being a mom, somehow no matter how many children you're surrounded with you can still feel alone. But guess what? You're not. There is a whole wide world of other moms out there just waiting to have your back, and "Unspoken Stories: A March of Dimes Podcast" is helping shine a light on that community in particular. Hosted by Tatyana Ali, "Unspoken Stories" launches on July 16 with a focus on sharing stories from real parents who know all too well that raising a child doesn't always go as planned.

Romper is thrilled to share an exclusive first listen to "Unspoken Stories," in which celebrity mom, Jamie Lynn Sigler, expresses her endless gratitude for what she calls the "mommy community" that saved her. As Sigler, a mother of two, reveals that she "didn't talk about things that were difficult" after the birth of her first son... well, needless to say, it's an unfortunately familiar habit that many moms take on after giving birth.

You can listen to Sigler's comments about having a strong community of support below:

Sigler is the first to own up to her lack of sharing, especially when it comes to the personal aspects of her life. Finding the right medium to do so was important to Sigler, and, as she told Romper, the "Unspoken Stories" podcast really fit the bill for her.

"When March of Dimes first approached me, it felt like the perfect fit. It has taken me many years to finally be able to share my personal story, and I was so inspired to hear there was finally a medium to do so for all moms and babies. Unspoken Stories gives the unique opportunity for all parents who have experienced the trials and tribulations of parenting to connect with one another and finally, feel heard and seen. Sharing my story helped me so immensely, and I hope that Unspoken Stories will also help uplift and support other families.”

In a second clip from the podcast, Sigler opens up about how much difficulty her first son had when she was trying to breastfeed. According to the actress, there was "no magical moment" for her throughout the two week process of getting her newborn to latch. For some moms, that scenario will sound extremely familiar — because there is no book or YouTube video or instruction manual that can properly prepare any woman for the how, what, and why her newborn isn't latching properly.

In fact, it's this exact scenario that Sigler is discussing that makes a podcast like "Unspoken Stories" so important for moms new and old alike. Each and every mom is going to have a unique experience with their child, and, unfortunately, not all of those experiences are going to be blissful Instagram-worthy moments.

And that's not just okay, it's perfectly normal.

As previously mentioned, the podcast itself is hosted by Tatyana Ali, a mother of one whose second pregnancy was confirmed in April, as reported by ET Online. Ali seems to be the perfect fit for such a role, not just because she is a mother herself but because she's made it very clear she has no intention of taking the task of reaching parents for granted.

“I was thrilled to be asked to host the first 'Unspoken Stories: A March of Dimes Podcast'," Ali told Romper in an official statement. "It is so important that this platform exists for moms and dads to share our experiences with parenthood — the good, the bad and the ugly! #UnspokenStories offers a community for our voices to be heard and shared.”

"Unspoken Stories: A March of Dimes Podcast" launches on July 16 on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and at UnspokenStories.org.