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Twitter Is Here For Venmo John & Jubilee On 'BiP'

On Becca's season of The Bachelorette, she didn't give John (one of the programmers behind Venmo) a ton of attention. In Paradise, however? He's so popular that both Caroline and Jubilee wanted his rose. He only had one, though, and Venmo John picked Jubilee on Bachelor in Paradise. It's safe to say fans on Twitter were here for it.

Last week on Bachelor in Paradise, John made a connection with both Caroline and Jubilee. First off was Caroline, a contestant from Arie's season of The Bachelor. They had a one-on-one date and a spark was there. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, though. Nonetheless, they had enough chemistry that Caroline was hoping for a rose.

John was so lovable down in Paradise that on last week's episode he had another one-on-one date. This one was with Jubilee, a contestant from Ben Higgin's Bachelor season. The two clearly hit it off, perhaps even more than John and Caroline. Both of them were very impressed by the other's profession (Jubilee is an army veteran and Venmo John is, well, a co-creator of Venmo). Going into this week's rose ceremony — men's choice — proved to be a difficult choice for John.

On Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise fans saw behavior typical of the show: a love triangle in the making. Both Caroline and Jubilee were fighting for John. But in the end, it seemed that John agreed with me, that he and Jubilee were the cuter couple, and chose her during the rose ceremony. Many fans on Twitter celebrated.

What I personally love about John and Jubilee is that they keep it real with each other. Last week on their first date, when Jubilee found out that John co-created one of the most popular apps out there, she said what everyone in Bachelor Nation is thinking: what are you doing on this show?

Not only that, but John and Jubilee weren't afraid to talk about the whiteness of The Bachelor franchise. When discussing their experiences, Jubilee said she had a tough time because she was "different" than the other contestants. John related, and said, "I’m half Chinese half white, and I came in kind of intimidated, because looking at the guys I’m like, 'I’m not this archetype of the homecoming king, something doesn’t compute.'" Jubilee laughed and assured John that's not what she wants.

I'm so glad both John and Jubilee are having their moment on Paradise, because they both deserve it. Venmo John went home on Week 5 of The Bachelorette, but believes the *journey* "kind of" works. In an interview with the Washington Post, he said he went on the show originally because he wasn't having luck dating in San Francisco. On the show, however, the lead can "filter out who might not be a good fit for you early on if their values and their goals don’t line up with yours right from the get-go." That's a very programmer way of looking at dating but hey, that's John's style.

As for Jubilee, this is her second time on Bachelor in Paradise. She didn't find love there or on The Bachelor, so it's time for her to get her due as well. I don't know if John and Jubilee are engaged at the end of all of this, but Twitter would certainly be happy.

Fans will have to keep watching to see if they really fall in love. And maybe, just maybe, they will join the ranks of Evan and Carly and Raven and Adam. Fingers crossed.