This Video Of Trump's Face On A Toddler Denying Everything Is Hilariously Horrifying

Nobody can lie like a toddler, even when they're caught in the act. Well, almost nobody. Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live! did a little editing and doctored a viral video, putting Trump's face on a toddler and the president could perhaps give little ones a run for their money.

On May 11, Jimmy Kimmel shared a hilariously horrifying doctored video during his monologue from his home. The original video that went viral in April features a toddler named Lily who got caught touching the dog's food. Her mother watched her do it and called her out, but Lily absolutely refused to admit she touched the food. She's vehement about it, yelling and arguing in baby talk the whole time.

"Watching that kid deny something that she clearly did reminded me of someone," Kimmel says in his monologue, adding that his team "did doctor this video" on Trump's face edited over the toddler's. And the changes they made were... I almost can't even describe it.

Kimmel's video shows President Trump's face super-imposed over sweet little Lily's face, using the same baby language to categorically deny some of his previous responses to the coronavirus pandemic. And once you've watched it, you will never not see it again.

In Kimmel's video, there is a "reporter" calling President Trump out on some of his previous claims, like "Mr. President, you said the virus was just like the flu." Baby Trump denies this in vehement gibberish, despite the fact that he said exactly that during a March 5 phone call with Fox News' Sean Hannity, as CNN reported. The reporter then called the baby Trump out on telling people the virus would "disappear like a miracle," which he did during a press conference in February, as well as telling people they should try to inject disinfectant, during a White House press conference on April 27.

Trump has been called out by the media for frequently lying and being generally argumentative during the coronavirus pandemic, recently walking out of a White House press conference when asked questions by a reporter he apparently didn't want to answer, as The Guardian reported.

Needless to say, people were mesmerized by this video of President Trump as a toddler denying everything. "This video is genius! No op-ed, book or cable news punditry has so perfectly described Slow Donnie," one viewer tweeted, while another said, "Ok. This is the proper use of technology. This is like landing on the moon."

How President Trump will react or has reacted to the video is anyone's guess. The president has been having something of a Twitter feud with Kimmel recently, after the talk show host mistakenly retweeted a misleading video of Vice President Mike Pence supposedly carrying empty boxes of PPE equipment, for which Kimmel apologized on-air this week. And as Kimmel noted about this disturbing yet perfect video, it was definitely doctored and definitely worth watching.

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