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Feast Your Eyes On Villanelle's Best Outfits On 'Killing Eve', Ranked

The fashion on Killing Eve is to die for — figuratively and literally. As Season 2 of the BBC America series continues to unfold in the upcoming weeks, fans have a chance to feast their eyes on hundreds of spectacular costumes curated by Phoebe de Gaye, who has already made the series one of the most fashion-forward shows on television. Although Sandra Oh stars as the series lead Eve Polastri, the ruthless Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, consistently pulls out glamorous new pieces that could make Anna Wintour weep. So today, I've ranked Villanelle's best outfits on Killing Eve, because I know it's hard not to marvel at this assassin's closet from week to week.

On Killing Eve, Villanelle's wardrobe is just as flashy as her kills — and that's exactly how she likes it. Of course, this is an entirely conscious decision from a storytelling perspective as well. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Luke Jennings, the author of books that inspired the BBC series, revealed that Villanelle's "clothes reflect her status and independence. She doesn’t have to conform or please anyone’s gaze.”

Now, as Killing Eve Season 2 continues to flourish and Villanelle's dance with Eve becomes messier than ever, fans will have tons more to look forward to. Speaking to EW, costume designer Charlotte Mitchell promised that the cutthroat assassin would receive over 35 incredible looks.

“She plays by her own rules — and never wears the same thing twice," Mitchell said.

Now, let's dive into some of Villanelle's best outfits, shall we?

The Pink Dress

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When you picture Villanelle, it's impossible not to imagine her in this flamboyant Molly Goddard dress. Seriously, this staple piece has me considering a life drowning in a pastel pink world of tulle. And the iconic dress is just as incredible as the scene in which it was worn. In one of Season 1's most outstanding moments, Villanelle undergoes a psych evaluation that is starkly contrasted by the assassin's extra outfit.

The Black Dress Reunion

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Judging from the 2019 Met Gala, I wonder if Villanelle's elegant black dress in Season 2 Episode 5 was approved by Harry Styles. Jokes aside, this phenomenal dress — along with its matching polka-dot veil — was meant for Villanelle's tension-ridden reunion with Eve. Per W Magazine, the assassin even referenced the outfit by saying, "I thought I would dress for the occasion. I'm about to be in mourning." And it just heats up from there.

The Privileged Schoolboy

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Maybe I'm biased because I'm still terrified for Niko in Killing Eve Season 2. But, Villanelle's best "this is what an Oxford schoolboy looks like" outfit certainly left an impression. I mean, can we just talk about this look? It's killer. Quite frankly, I'm just glad that Villanelle didn't decide to stain it with Niko's blood.

The Bold Printed Suit

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I'm starting to think that Villanelle's best outfits involve pants of some sort. Although that's obviously a lie, this Dries Van Noten pantsuit from the streets of Berlin in Season 1 is the epitome of empowerment. And I'm so here for it. In fact, in an interview with The Cut, Comer revealed that this suit is one of her favorites.

“I felt really cool in it, really comfortable,” Comer said. “I was even going to buy it at the end of the series, but then I backed out because it felt too much like her.”

The Sleek Jacket

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBC America

Villanelle's ability to transform any outfit into her own is astonishing. And this look from Season 1 the perfect example of that. In her interview with EW, Mitchell explained that the Killing Eve team found the Chloe jacket and purple Isabel Marant blouse in Paris to "echo the Dries Van Noten suit."

“They weren’t meant to go together," Mitchell explained. "But she wears things in her own way.”

The Cosplay Piggie

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBC America

Okay, so clearly Villanelle looks good in pink. In the fourth episode of the second season, the assassin roamed Amsterdam's red light district in a frilly lederhosen-esque outfit paired with a pig mask. While the description seems fun, it gravely contrasted what was going on onscreen. In the scene, Villanelle was on the hunt for her next kill and bled him out... like a pig.

The Biker

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When viewers saw Villanelle's first kill in Season 1, it was pretty clear that the assassin was going to become a fashion icon. And although the Tuscany murder was impeccable, it was Villanelle's biker girl outfit that stole the show. Per Hello Magazine, instead of being decked out in head-to-toe leather, the Killing Eve team dressed the assassin in a custom Chloe blouse, Paige denim shorts, and Doc Martins.

The Killer Pajamas

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBC America

We all need a bit of comic relief from time to time. Even on shows like Killing Eve. In the Season 2 premiere, Villanelle found herself in a pair of custom made Spider-Man pajamas. And while the pajamas weren't what fans expect from the fashionista, they fit the situation within the story.

“We wanted to give it a sense of awkwardness," Michelle revealed during her interview with EW.

Villanelle has had more than just a few remarkable outfits on Killing Eve. Whether she's going in for the kill or just trying to go about her day, the assassin's clothing has more meaning than what meets the eye. So pour one out to the costume designers and the future of Villanelle's closet. May her looks remain something to die for.

Killing Eve airs Sundays on BBC America.