Vintage Grandparent Photos That Prove This Bond Has Always Been Magical

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There are few things I love more than looking through old photos, especially when those photos are of me and my grandparents. I can still see the one of me on the toy phone my grandpa's holding, the one of my grandparents holding up me and my siblings outside of Stonehenge — they have all helped make the memories of my grandparents even stronger in my brain. And these sweet vintage grandparent photos are giving me all the feels for National Grandparents Day on Sept. 13. Where are these grandparents now? Do these grandbabies have these photos? Do they remember these moments?

Photos are so special in that way — they are just one snapshot of a bigger story, and I love daydreaming about what happened before and after the picture was taken. When it comes to photos of grandparents, that need for the story is even bigger. I mean, who has better stories than your grandparents? So this Grandparents Day, celebrate this incredibly special relationship and bond with this stack of vintage photos. Don't forget to look through your own old photos to see if you can find some of you and your grandparents. It's a true testament to the legacy our grandparents leave behind for us, and the ones are parents are forging right now for our own kids.

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