Baby Dancing To "Baby Got Back" In The Womb Might Be Cooler Than Sir Mix A Lot

One of the best things about being a parent is having this little person who is a total blank page when it comes to music. It's true, from the time they're born you can pretty much just get them to listen to all your favorite tunes and they won't be able to say anything. Actually, it turns out you can inform their musical tastes even before they're born, which is obviously even better. If you're having a rough day and need a little pick me up, please watch this viral video of a baby dancing to "Baby Got Back" in the womb. I feel like Sir Mix A Lot would be so proud.

Danielle Guenther is a photographer in New York City and a mom to one little boy, 10-year-old Lochlan. She is currently expecting her second baby boy within the next month and was recently put on bed rest by her medical professional until the end of her pregnancy. If you've ever been put on bed rest you already know that it seems like it's going to be this relaxing retreat for about two days and then after that... well, things get a little boring. You've got to mix it up, ideally with a little Sir Mix A Lot.

Which is exactly what Guenther did recently. She decided to get down with a little 90s hip hop to make the most of her bed rest with her baby, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy it — even from inside the womb.

"We have always loved playing music and dancing as a couple...especially 90's hip hop," Guenther tells Romper over email. "We've had a VERY active baby in the womb so far, so we've been playing some music to him. The other night he kept pushing his baby butt against my side so we thought it would be fitting to play 'Baby got Back.'"

Guenther says her 10-year-old has "always been a huge fan of that track" and "it's always put us in tears laughing." She continued, "When the beat dropped...our little boy moved. I didn't do much except film him, but it was definitely fun and I'm glad we caught it. Gave us a great laugh!"

I don't know about you guys but this video gave me flashbacks to Ross and Rachel singing "Baby Got Back" to baby Emma on Friends. Here's the video so you can have a flashback, too.

Babies can start to respond to sounds from inside the womb after around 25 or 26 weeks gestation, according to HealthLine. So in other words, this is around the time you can start to share your favorite 90s hip hop with them. Or whatever other kind of music you really want to pass down to your unborn child, it doesn't have to be Sir Mix A Lot all the time. You can dabble in a little Run DMC, Salt n' Pepa, TLC... the musical world is your oyster.

Just always keep in mind that you are molding the musical taste of an entire person. Don't let the power go to your head.