Virtually Visit Disneyland Hong Kong & Take A Ride Through Grizzly Gulch

If you can't physically ride a rollercoaster and have fun screaming your head off right now, you may want to take a virtual ride through of Disney's Grizzly Gulch located inside Hong Kong Disneyland. It's not like you can fly on over and hop on the ride in person, so why not enjoy the thrill ride from the comfort of your own home?

As the pandemic continues to limit movement across the globe, Disney Parks have been offering fans virtual ride throughs of some of the more popular attractions on YouTube. Rides like Grizzly Gulch at Hong Kong Disneyland, for instance, where fans can take a virtual ride on a "runaway mine train" through an old mining town. Another bonus? While the ride normally requires riders to be at least 44 inches in height, there is obviously no height restriction for the virtual ride. Good news for little kids who might not be able to enjoy it in person.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars was first opened back in 2012. It's a thrilling ride that takes guests both forwards and backwards through Grizzly Gulch, and offers encounters with three bears named Rocky, Mother Lode, and Nugget who "tend to run amok of the place," as the description reads.

The story behind the ride is an interesting one. According to Hong Kong Disneyland, the legend is that a resident named Captain Cosgrove found gold underneath the cave of the three bears in the mountains. The bears continued to live in the cave despite Captain Cosgrove staking his claim on the area, and they are apt to wreak havoc on the ride with their antics.

Disney's virtual ride through of Grizzly Gulch is just one of several offered as Disney parks prepare to reopen their doors across the globe. There's "It's A Small World" on offer for people who want to check out the classic ride and sing the infectious song for days on end. There's also "Slinky Dog Dash" from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a Toy Story-themed roller coaster that's colorful and gentle enough for all little riders.

Disney parks in the United States are set to reopen in phases throughout July, with Disneyland in Anaheim, California being the final park to open, according to the OC Register. Until then, families can just hang out at home and take virtual rides. No lines, no height requirements, and all the snacks you want from your own kitchen.

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