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At Last, Some Good News: Waffle House's Waffle Mix Is Back In Stock

America’s favorite breakfast chain understands crises. That's why Waffle House is known for their commitment to staying open under any and all circumstances: Because people need butter and syrup when the chips are down. So even though the beloved chain has been forced to temporarily close many of its locations, they still have your back. That's right, Waffle House's waffle mix is back in stock. Can I get an amen?

That’s right, you can now be your own short order cook, Waffle House style. For the first time ever, according to People magazine, the company has made their Waffle House original recipe waffle mix available on their website. Batch one went up online last week and sold out in four hours! Thankfully, it’s now restocked and you can order your own mix for the reasonable price of $15 a bag. All you need to make the magic happen at home are eggs and half-and-half.

Each bag makes up to 24 waffles. But can you even measure the comfort of made-to-order Waffle House waffle in the number of hot dough made? No, no you cannot.

And it shouldn't come as any surprise that Waffle House stepped up and restocked so quickly. The Georgia-based business operating 2,000 restaurants is so stalwart in staying open (24 hours per day, no less) that its closures have become an official indicator of national disasters. Called the Waffle House Index, the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses the metric to measure the “destruction caused by a natural disaster based on how many Waffle Houses remain open or have closed,” according to CBS News. FEMA rates regions on three Waffle House levels. Green: The restaurant is serving a full menu, indicating the restaurant has power and damage is limited. Yellow: The restaurant is serving a limited menu, indicating there may be no power or only power from a generator or food supplies may be low. Red: The restaurant is closed, indicating severe damage. Right now, with a fifth of the Waffle Houses closed, the Waffle House Index is at level Red due to the pandemic. But, heroes that they are, the nation’s best waffle-maker will not let customers suffer alone.

As Sturgill Simpson once said to Stephen Colbert, “How can you even give back to the Awful Waffle, man?” To which Colbert spoke for us all saying, “We owe it so much.” We really do.

As they say where I come from, get you some here (smothered, covered, and chunked hash browns not included).

One word of waffle warning: Don't wait to buy your bag of mix! It's bound to sell out in the time it takes you to heat up your waffle iron.