Walgreens Lets You Put Whatever You Want On Face Masks, & Imma Get Passive-Aggressive

Feeling bored by your plain white face mask? Looking to put a personal touch, or add a bit of fun to your pandemic face covering that makes people do a double take in the pasta aisle? Well, then you might enjoy playing around with Walgreens Custom Face Masks with Filter feature.

Face masks save lives. That's the plain and simple truth. Even the director of the CDC has claimed they may even offer more protection than a vaccine. So no matter how we may feel about the way they fog up our glasses, or make chatting with friends feel like an outtake from a Twilight Zone episode, they are a must.

Fortunately, masks are now very easy to come by. Remember 100 years ago, back in April, when we were passing around YouTube tutorials on how to make masks from bandanas and rubber bands? Well, no need to raid your office supplies any longer. Now, you can get masks almost anywhere. You can go for the preppy, pleated look at Old Navy, the whimsical, political route via Etsy, or go cannibal psychiatrist chic via Amazon. The choices are seemingly endless.

But maybe you want something a little more personal? Maybe you want something specifically customized to your own tastes? Maybe you want to wear your dog's snout over your own nose? Well, good news — Walgreens has you covered. Literally.

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The store's site has an easy to use "customize" feature for masks. It's basically the same thing you'd use to design your own coffee mug. Except instead of designing a last minute Father's Day gift (can never go wrong with a photo mug), now you're designing something to help battle a global pandemic.

You just upload the picture or design of your choice, and position it on the mask. It can be a photo of anything you like! Maybe a shot of your kid or cat? Or a scan of one of your child's drawings to showcase their artistic ability on your face?

Or maybe an up-close photo of your mother-in-law's mouth, just to freak your partner out. Or perhaps a picture of an iPad, and then maybe your child will actually look at you with interest.

The mask doesn't even have to include a picture. It could just be a bit of text. You could share a funny or uplifting phrase. Or show support for your favorite political candidate... maybe one who is actually willing to wear a mask as well.

The mind reels with the options. Maybe there's a simple message of love you'd like to share daily with your spouse?

The masks are two-ply, made of a 100% polyester shell, with a 100% cotton lining. They measure 7.3 x 5.1, but have adjustable, elastic ear straps to create a comfortable, secure fit. For an added bit of protection, they have pockets to insert filters. And they are machine washable.

They're also $19.99 each. So yeah, not the cheapest masks on the market. But you know what, it might be worth the splurge if pulling on your special, customized mask makes you smile, or gives a boost to someone you love.

Let's be real: we are living through something straight-up awful. And right now, anything that helps to keep the 'ol spirits up, well. If you can spare the cash, I say go for it.